His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Why are you shouting at me and acting spoiled?


Hi everyone,

I’m a new translator and this is the first novel that I’m translating. Updates may not be frequent. I am reading as I translate so I won’t be able to provide any spoilers.

Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s.


“Your Highness, we’re about to cross over Yue Kingdom’s borders. Would you like to bring along some native soil to keep with you?”

Yan Ke heard his voice, slowly opened his eyes and looked at the dimming sky outside. With an exhausted and uncomfortable mood, he replied “No, inform Su Yu, if he doesn’t want me to die on the road, let our procession rest for a while.”

A maid outside had some difficulties following his instruction: “Your Highness, General Su had already given an order that there can be no stopovers in this trip. This is because the prince had already tarried on the road for many days. On Yue Kingdom’s end, the people receiving the spouse are already very impatient. There is still a journey distance of one day left, Lord Prince, please tolerate this.”

“Don’t cause trouble to the Yue Kingdom’s spouse receival envoy.”

Yan Ke: “………”

Yan Ke looked at his bound hands and feet and sighed. Young lady, you have been sitting normally on the carriage so you definitely wouldn’t feel that a journey distance of one day is very difficult to tolerate. But… Think about me! I have already been tied up for three days and three nights, can’t you give me a break?!

[T/N: Imagine this, with the maid sitting in front]


Initially, I felt that crossing over to this world after dying and living once again was great. In addition, I had also turned into a crown prince, how wonderful!

However, after crossing over, he was wrapped as an alliance marriage gift and sent as a spouse to a poor and remote country called Yue Kingdom; where it was described by Chu Kingdom as a frozen country where even birds don’t shit.

[T/N: The idiom used was 鸟不拉屎 which literally means birds don’t shit, full idiom is 鸟不生蛋,狗不拉屎 which literally means birds don’t lay eggs and dogs don’t shit. The meaning of the idiom is to describe a place so remote and desolate that even animals won’t be there.]

That’s right!

What was so fucking amazing was that he, a crown prince of a country was entering an alliance marriage. Letting him, a man, marry another man. As a straight male, Yan Ke was unable to accept that in the future, he would need to be intimate and lovey-dovey with a man.

 Even if he died, he still can’t accept this!

Hence……He ran.

The outcome without exception; he was always caught. Finally, during his third attempt at running, he was caught by Su Yu, tied up and thrown inside the carriage.

Su Yu was Chu Kingdom’s Noble Concubine Su’s biological younger brother. Based on the original’s memory, he seemed to have had some special feelings to this Su Yu.

[T/N: Noble Concubine / Gui Fei is a title in the emperor’s harem of concubines meaning highest-ranking imperial concubine. This title is still lower than the empress but higher than other concubine titles.]

Hence, under the influence of Noble Concubine Su’s pillow talk with the Emperor, he discovered that he would be escorted by Su Yu to Yue Kingdom in an alliance marriage. On the very same day, the original owner immediately went to the Su Family Residence to find Su Yu.

The words spoken then were very naive.

“If you dare to send me to Yue Kingdom, I will die right in front of you.”

The original owner Yan Ke initially wanted to express his feelings, but in the end Su Yu who was only pretending to be blind to his feelings, taunted and ridiculed his confession.

His glass heart instantaneously broke into pieces, he was really cruel enough. Unexpectedly, the original owner with one hit, fatally banged his head against the entrance of Su Family Residence.

He really did die.

But he had also lived, only that… the one who lived was him, and not the original owner.

Yan Ke, from the 21st Century, has the same given name and surname as this glass-hearted prince.

Yan Ke sighed. When he woke up in the midst of the original owner’s East Palace, the wedding date was set. On the next day, with his head still bearing the large mark of his injury for love, he was forced up the carriage.

He had been travelling for more than half a month on this road to Yue Kingdom. The him who had never sat in a carriage before, could not tolerate this high speed and lengthy journey and kept vomiting throughout the trip.

In addition, his repeated escape attempts seemed to have angered Su Yu. Originally, General Su would still consider his body’s condition while travelling but these days, using Yue Kingdom’s spouse receival group hastening them as an excuse, they had been travelling without rest or sleep for several days.

On the journey, they had hired multiple carriages for two shifts. A day shift, and a night shift.

Even though the procession troupe was fine with this arrangement, Yan Ke who was in the carriage all this while, suffered till he almost vomited out bile.

As dawn approached, Yan Ke felt so uncomfortable that he was sure that he was going to be tortured to death by Su Yu in this spouse sending procession. Right then, it was at this moment that their procession suddenly stopped.

Su Yu: “Stop and rest for a while.”

Yan Ke was instantly startled awake and strained to rise from the carriage bed. While preparing to lift the carriage curtain to view the place that this procession had sent him to, he heard Su Yu’s voice from just beyond the curtain.

When Su Yu was giving the order for the procession to rest, he had been going over to Yan Ke’s carriage.

The maid on the outside of the carriage saw him coming and hurriedly made space for Su Yu to enter the carriage.

Su Yu lifted the carriage curtain, saw the crown prince sitting on the inside looking like he was on his dying breath, and burst into laughter!

Su Yu: “Your Highness, this official had already told you before to learn some Kung Fu to strengthen your body, but you just wouldn’t believe me.”

Yan Ke opened his eyes, and howled in his heart: Yes! Yan Ke! Crown Prince! In this life, you have to accept this loss of not knowing Kung Fu! If you didn’t leave this weak chicken body to me, perhaps I might have been able to avenge you!

Look at this situation now, no need to talk about revenge, even living is difficult.

Yan Ke: “Let me rest longer before leaving.”

Yan Ke’s eyes held no waves of agitation, leading Su Yu to view him in a different light.

Su Yu was fathoming in his heart, ever since Yan Ke had knocked his head in his family residence, after waking up, he seems to have changed completely into another person.

In the past, when he was a noble crown prince of a country, he had always followed behind his back, gently and softly calling him Su Yu GeGe. But now, when he was happy, he would call him General Su Yu, when he was unhappy, he wouldn’t even call his name and simply address him as ‘you’.

[T/N: GeGe means brother but it doesn’t have to be a biological brother, it can also be an affectionate way to call someone older than you. People in the past usually address people by names, so calling people by ‘you’ may carry some rude connotations.]

Playing a cat-and-mouse game?

[T/N: 欲擒故纵 is an idiom meaning to loosen the reins only to grasp them better, so in essence, playing a cat-and-mouse game.]

Su Yu looked at Yan Ke, this crown prince who had looked good from childhood, and was even well known as a beautiful man in Chu Kingdom. It was only this period of time when his body was facing poor health, that his physique had deteriorated.

Now, after rushing on the road for half a month, his complexion was ghastly pale and he looked morbidly sick.

Su Yu looked at his sickly beauty appearance and reached out a hand to rearrange the strands of hair drooping on each side of Yan Ke’s face.

Su Yu: Leaving the Chu Kingdom and their disputes has its advantages, so behave yourself.

Seeing that Yan Ke did not intend to talk further, Su Yu opened his mouth again: “That day, it was me who spoke too much, but this obstinate character of yours really needs to change. We were only talking, what’s the point of threatening to seek death?

Yan Ke blinked, was he treating him as the original owner and coaxing him? Since Su Yu was giving in this much, he would go with the flow. Let’s trick him into untying the rope on his hands first and then decide what to do next.

Yan Ke: “You tying me up like this, wasn’t this just to torture me to death on this journey?”

Su Yu scowled: “What are you saying? If it wasn’t for you being disobedient, would I have tied you up? At the start of the journey, your body condition was not good, did I not find an imperial physician for you? But what did you do? You didn’t drink medicine, didn’t eat, you just wanted to leave. Why are you shouting at me and acting spoiled?”

Yan Ke: “………”

Spoil…Spoiled? Brother, aren’t you making too light of things? At that time, I really couldn’t eat anything!

Su Yu: “For some matters, there is no need to fuss so much. I understand what you want. Keep your feelings to yourself, if other people knew about this, they would use this matter to harm you.”

Yan Ke listened to Su Yu’s hypocritical words without any fluctuating feelings.

But his heart, fluttered and fluttered. An ambiguous blush slowly emerged on his pale face.

Yan Ke: ………!

Why was LaoZi’s  fucking face blushing? And also, why is my heart beating faster?!

[T/N: Lao Zi is something that doesn’t translate well. It means “I”, but with an arrogant tone. It can be used in multiple ways like when trying to express how great “I” am or when expressing that “I” am better than the other person etc.]

Suddenly, Yan Ke felt a piercing sensation in his heart. He crawled on to the side of the bed and spat out blood. His chest felt extremely painful.

Su Yu felt anxious: “Yan Ke!”

Yan Ke’s mind was in a whirl, his upper and lower lips were moving uncontrollably, while he still had a semblance of consciousness, he heard the four words “Su Yu Ge Ge”.



A youth stood in the rain, with water dripping down the strands of black hair flowing from each side of his temple. His eyebrows were straight and slanted. With features as sharp as a knife and a heroic aura, his eyes were uncompromising and indifferent.

[T/N: Imagine this but less sad. P.S. Do support 魔道祖师 / Mo Dao Zu Shi / 陈情令 / Chen Qing Ling]

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chapter-1-ml-description.png

Just standing there, he exuded a dangerous aura where no one within a ten meters radius should approach him.

“I won’t marry him!” Meng You was almost shouting.

“You have no choice in this matter, you must marry him!” A deep male voice with vicissitude travelled out of the palace.

[T/N: The original text is沧桑的男音. This translates weirdly so I will leave it as it is.]

Meng You’s stomach was full of anger. After knowing that he was going to marry another man, he had been venting and making trouble at the door of his father’s palace for half a month.

The conclusion every time was, no, the marriage must still happen!

Meng You: “A man marrying another man, even if he’s not ashamed, I will feel ashamed for him!”

The Yue Kingdom’s Emperor heard this, sneered and opened the palace door.

Emperor: “Do you even understand anything? The current Yue Kingdom can no longer even compete with Chu Kingdom. Chu Kingdom’s Crown Prince marrying into our Yue Kingdom is to our benefit!”

[T/N: Marrying into is usually for girls or the weaker country, as it means that they are entering the other side’s family as opposed to marrying where the other party is entering their family/country.]

“Besides, a Crown Prince committing himself to you, what grievance can you have?!”

Meng You turned away, furrowed his eyebrows and had unwillingness written all over his face: “Imperial Father, did you not think that a Crown Prince coming over in an alliance marriage was a sign of a conspiracy?”

“Anyway, even if we don’t think about this matter, and accept that there is no conspiracy; A Crown Prince that can be sent out for an alliance marriage, what is the use for this prince?”

Meng You’s words caused the emperor to ponder over them for a while. But now that the situation was like this, there were no more options left. The Chu Kingdom’s Emperor had already chosen his eldest son Meng You to take in this Crown Prince. He had no way to decline.

“Shu Li, this emperor knows that this is an injustice to you, but this matter’s outcome cannot be changed.”

[T/N: Royalty tend to have 2 names, an official name and a courtesy name. “Shu Li” might be another name for Meng You.]

Meng You: “………”

Seeing that he was unable to be persuaded, Meng You turned, braving the rain and left the palace.

He had just changed into a clean set of clothes and was preparing to escape, when his huge Crown Prince Manor was besieged by Palace Guards and even a drop of water could not escape this barricade. A eunuch had arrived and the army of Palace Guards made a gap in their positioning to allow him to enter the Manor. The eunuch face was filled with sweat as he stared at Meng You who was still carrying his bag in preparation for escape.

[T/N: For those who may get confused, Meng You is also a Crown Prince, but of Yue Kingdom, which is why he is staying in a Crown Prince Manor.]

Meng You: “……”

Eunuch: “Your Highness, the emperor has already said that for the next few days, you will need to remain in the Crown Prince Manor to wait for the Crown Princess arrival.”

[T/N: 太子妃 roughly translates to Crown Prince Wife/Concubine/Crown Princess, among the 3 choices, Crown Princess seems the most reasonable choice to use. The Crown Princess the Eunuch is referring to, is Yan Ke.]

Meng You did not say anything but gave a death stare to the eunuch.The eunuch tolerated the chilling aura emitting from Meng You and continued to speak: “Of course, after the Crown Princess has arrived, you may bring the Crown Princess to leave with you.”

Meng You: “………”

Eunuch: “The Emperor has also informed this servant to send word to Your Highness. The Crown Princess has always been pampered, he heard that en route to the Yue Kingdom, due to the long journey the Crown Princess has been sick for half a month. Hence, Your Highness needs to tend more to the Crown Princess.”

Meng You: “………”

In the end, Meng You was depressed and gloomily squeezed out two words from his mouth: “Get lost.


Author has something to say:

Welcome little angels to collect the neighbouring text 《重生后我把徒弟养弯了》《After Rebirth, I have bent my disciple. 》

It is also a book filled with dumb people.  

[T/N: Original text was 同样是一本沙雕风的小文文~, 沙雕 literally means sand sculpture but apparently it’s slang for 傻屌 which means dumb person with vulgar connotations but the translation may be a little off.]


[T/N: This is a 笔芯, meaning showing a heart.]

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chapter-1-finger-heart.png


Oh man, the original text was around 3000 Chinese words. This was tiring! But suddenly I really appreciate how much Yan Ke and Meng You go “…”.


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