His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Locked outside the door


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s.


Ever since the day that Yan Ke had fainted, he felt that the way that Su Yu looked at him now was a little peculiar.

Silently sighing, he patted his chest.

Su Yu: We are almost reaching the entrance of the city, Your Highness, you should get someone to assist you with tidying up your appearance.

Tidying up my appearance……

Yan Ke became filled with rage, since you were bringing Lao Zi on such a rushed long-distance journey, you should have fucking brought a person along to tidy up my appearance.

[T/N: Recall Lao Zi translation notes from Chapter 1, this is commonly used in Chinese novels, so I won’t be adding any translation notes for any further mentions of Lao Zi]

It’s been 4 days! Yan Ke was finally free.

The rope on his hands were at long last untied, his wrists and ankles, were full of bruises and scars. When he was descending from the carriage, due to the lack of strength left in his legs and feet, he took a tumble and fell.

Su Yu was at the side having a discussion with the Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors, Yan Ke helplessly fell flat on his face and the surrounding people sniggered at him.

Subsequently, he struggled to get up and sat on a huge rock at the side.

A maidservant brought water to him. Yan Ke looked at his ghostlike appearance through the reflection from the water and sighed.

Chu Kingdom’s Number One Most Beautiful Male, this Centre Position, was it really not bought with money by this Lord Crown Prince?

[T/N: In the original text, they used c-position, where the c is in English. It is referred to as a core/centre position or a position that is regarded as the best/most important.]

Dull eyes with no difference from a dead fish. Lips so dry that the skin was peeling off. If his lips moved a little too much, his lips might even crack and start bleeding.

The skin on his face still had bruises, which were the battle scars gained from his failed escape attempts.

His forehead even had a scab wound.

Don’t even talk about other people being unable to look at his appearance, even Yan Ke himself felt that he was too ghastly to look at. On this journey, his attractiveness index had plummeted.

However, this Yan Ke really wasn’t liked. If he was, how could a Crown Prince of a country be sent to Yue Kingdom for an alliance marriage?

When he fell just now, no one helped him up; Throughout the whole journey, when he was being treated like this by Su Yu, no one came out to help him either; this was enough to illustrate…

Even though he was a Crown Prince, it was only a title. Saying it nicely, he was a country’s Crown Prince, saying it badly, he was Chu Kingdom’s Veteran Sponger.

Literary Arts, no accomplishments.

Martial Arts, no accomplishments.

The original owner was really miserable, if he wasn’t, how could the East Palace of a Crown Prince have been so destitute that there wasn’t even a maidservant there?

[T/N: The author seems to be implying that the servants here are not part of his palace but probably Su Yu’s servants.]

Su Yu stared at Yan Ke who had just cleaned his face, and his eyes acutely captured that Yan Ke had a new injury on his face. His pupils reflected his displeasure: “I had only just left for a while, what happened to your face?”

The maidservants at the side were silent and didn’t make a sound. Trembling with fear, they used the side of their eyes to look at Yan Ke, afraid that this Lord Crown Prince would not consider anything and complain that they previously did not help him up.

Yan Ke could clearly see the fear in the maidservants’ eyes, in his heart, he couldn’t help but want to laugh. When he tumbled just now, he looked ridiculous. These bunch of people had even laughed at him. Really, regardless of the era, when encountering the weak, most people would rally together to attack them.

Yan Ke shook his head: “It doesn’t matter.”

Su Yu looked at Yan Ke who used to be glorious and ignorant had completely changed. This good-looking face had been ruined till he resembled neither a human or ghost.

[T/N: Note sure what the author means by 风光懵懂 so I’ll just leave the literal meaning of glorious and ignorant.]

He reached out his hand, gently rubbed Yan Ke’s wound, looked at the bloodstain left on his hands, crouched in front of Yan Ke and clutched Yan Ke’s hand tightly in his palm.

Yan Ke disgustedly took his hand back.

Yan Ke: “If the General has something to say, being so touchy, doesn’t this look bad?”

Su Yu lowly laughed, he didn’t forget his mission. Even if Yan Ke was in the Yue Kingdom, he wanted Yan Ke’s heart to still be with him. This way, everything can be in the palm of his hands. “Yan Ke, wait for me to attack Yue Kingdom, if you are still intact, I will want you. “

Yan Ke’s heart uncontrollably started beating again, yet he only felt disgust.

This is definitely not his own reaction! Could it be —— the original owner Yan Ke was still within this body?!

If this was true, wasn’t this is a fucking scum x cheap pair?

One was a slag that deserves to die. While asking for the original’s love, his eyes were cold, and his words were contradictory.

One was a person who was clearly rejected, scolded as disgusting and perverted. But even while listening to these words which obviously held a trap, his heart was still moved.

Intact? Want him?!

Screw you!

Lao Zi is so tall, so big, so thick, am I unable to find a sweet-tempered, gentle and pretty lady to spend my life together with? Does Lao Zi need to be a gay with you? Aren’t you scared that Lao Zi might whip one out that is bigger than yours?!

Yan Ke gripped Su Yu’s clothes, looked at his smug face, and sneered.

Yan Ke: “Do you really fucking think of yourself as an onion? Still intact? You can go die! If It wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t beat you up, would Lao Zi have tolerated you throughout the whole journey? You better listen to Lao Zi, did you think that you were the only man in the world? Excuse me, there still many robust and healthy ones in the world, why don’t you take a piss and look at yourself against its reflection. I’m not somebody who no one wants! I heard that Yue Kingdom’s Crown Prince was handsome, suave, with an elegant demeanour, isn’t he at least a hundred times better than you?!”

[T/N: 真他娘的当自己是根葱了? Original text was this, I googled to check if there were any slang meanings for 葱/Cong/Onion but couldn’t find any. He might mean it in a way that onions have multiple layers so missing a few layers can count as being ‘intact’.]

Su Yu stared blankly for a long time before he slowly regained his spirit.


Even though this was a matter that his older sister had passed over to him to handle: informing him to get close to Yan Ke, letting Yan Ke this silly little boy send information to them. But……with this scolding, Su Yu felt that he had really lost face. He then reached out both hands to Yan Ke and grabbed Yan Ke’s arms, gradually increasing in strength.

In those days, the people who practiced martial arts, had frightening strength in their arms.

Yan Ke felt that his shoulders were about to be squeezed into fragments.

Tolerating the pain, without any intention of giving any concession to Su Yu: “If you have the ability to, you can squeeze me to death!”

Su Yu had no patience for Yan Ke who kept opposing him throughout the journey, but as there were still the Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors around, suppressing his anger, he released his arms.

Su Yu: “The others shall be stationed here, attendants, follow me into the city.”

Yan Ke messaged his shoulders, he was sure that his shoulders must have bruises. Just as he entered the carriage, he was stopped by Su Yu.

Su Yu: “Your Highness, please walk into the city yourself.”

Yan Ke was speechless and paused his movements. But he only paused for a short while and entered the carriage.

Yan Ke: “Then I will just sit in the carriage, not moving anywhere. Anyway, it wasn’t as if I wanted to enter the city.”

Su Yu looked at the shameless Yan Ke, kicked the carriage wheels and entered the carriage as well.

Su Yu: “Go!”

Gloomy eyes watched the man lying on the bed with his back facing him, Yan Ke felt the prickling of thorns against his back but acted nonchalantly.

[T/N: The carriage must be huge enough to have a bed.]

Since you can’t bear the sight of me but at the same time, couldn’t do anything to me, I will take this chance to do anything I want!

Su Yu: “Who told you that the Yue Kingdom’s Crown Prince had an elegant demeanour?”

Yan Ke opened his eyes slightly. This was information gained from the original owner’s memory, was there some kind of mistake? But whether the information was wrong or not, it didn’t matter. No matter how ugly the Crown Prince was, it wasn’t any of his business.

Although he didn’t manage to escape during the journey, once he reached the destination, there would always be opportunities for escaping.

Su Yu: “I heard, their Lord Crown Prince, had a huge black mole between his eyebrows, was short and fat, and had a bloodthirsty character. You better behave yourself. But he’s the Crown Prince of a country, our country is vast, abundant and strong, I think that he would probably consider the consequences before he does anything to you.”

Yan Ke silently cursed: Aren’t you all actually anxiously waiting for the Yue Kingdom’s Lord Crown Prince to attack me?!  This way you would have a reason to send our army.

Su Yu was about to say more things but was interrupted by Yan Ke’s impatient cough and closed his mouth.

With a face of disbelief, he stared at the ink black hair at the back of Yan Ke’s head and felt grievance in his heart.

Just now, Yan Ke was annoyed by him???

The carriage entered the city with the Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors leading, and with Chu Kingdom’s attendants and Su Yu’s personal attendants following at the back.

The scene was spectacular.

Yue Kingdom’s commoners had long heard the news where their Yue Kingdom’s Lord Crown Prince was marrying Chu Kingdom’s Number One Most Beautiful Male, and so they have been waiting on the streets for them to pass through.

The loud shouts from the streets resembled the voices from markets where their shouts just get progressively louder.

Yan Ke wanted to shut his eyes and take a short nap but couldn’t. So he just sat up properly and lifted the curtain, exposing his face filled with wounds to the crowd.

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter.

Vaguely, Yan Ke heard a few unpleasant words.

“This is Chu Kingdom’s Number One Most Beautiful Male? He’s not even as handsome as Lao Zi! “

“Yes, he is as thin as a monkey, this Chu Kingdom is such a big country, how did they feed their own country’s Crown Prince to the extent that he became like a monkey?”

“No wonder the Crown Prince was not pleased and was prepared to escape from the marriage! If it was me, I would not be happy either! Marrying a man is a small matter, but at the least, couldn’t it be a better-looking man?”

Su Yu listened to the words that shouldn’t be said, and felt that he couldn’t listen to them anymore, but the man himself being criticised still stuck his head out and listened with relish.

Su Yu used one hand and pulled him back inside the carriage, while staring at Yan Ke with disdain: “Don’t throw the face of Chu Kingdom!”

“But didn’t you just say you wanted me? I haven’t even done anything, and you are already disdaining me?” Yan Ke raised his eyebrow but didn’t continue to lean outside the window to let the crowd continue in their criticism and discussion.

Su Yu was impassive: “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want me?”

Yan Ke: “Yes, I didn’t. Have you ever seen someone use the same manure bucket twice?”

[T/N: I think that rich people in the past used to shit in a manure bucket and it should be cleared by a servant after each usage. So basically, he’s calling Su Yu a shithole in a classy manner HAHA]

Su Yu was about to flare up and scold him but the carriage stopped at that moment.

Imperial Guard: “General, we have reached the Crown Prince Manor.”

Su Yu acknowledged the guard and got down the carriage. When he saw the closed entrance of the Crown Prince Manor, this unreceptive behaviour extinguished the flames of fury that Yan Ke had triggered in him.


Author has something to say:

Very very far in the future.

Yan Ke’s impassive face: Okay, lock this Lao Zi outside. 🙂

Meng You: ……Aren’t you quite happy?


T/N: Made some edits for grammar mistakes!



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