His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The days after are prosperous


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Starting from chapter 39, the chapters word count in Chinese increases to around 6000-9000 words so I will probably be splitting those chapters then. I shall decide again once I reach Chapter 30.

Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s.


Yan Ke descended from the carriage, looked at the closed entrance of the Crown Prince Manor, a few words in large font cycled through his head: I have been abandoned!

Everyone stared speechlessly at the Crown Prince Manor, with each person pushing the other to get someone to knock on the door.

After all, the lord’s temper was not good.

After an imperial guard knocked the door twice, not only did the people inside not open the door, but the sporadic sounds coming from servants had completely stopped.

The Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors looked at Su Yu’s face turning darker and darker and started breaking out in cold sweat.

Su Yu directly walked towards Yan Ke, spoke softly in Yan Ke’s ears: “Your Highness, you should be angry.”


Yan Ke lightly coughed and calmly faced the leading minister of the Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors.

Yan Ke: “Minister, what does the Lord Crown Prince mean by doing this?”

Minister: “Maybe……”

The minister answered ‘maybe’ for a long time but could not answer with a ‘maybe it was because of’ reason. However, Yan Ke had already thought of an excuse for him.

Yan Ke laughed and patted the minister’s shoulder: “I heard that your Yue Kingdom has a custom, the longer the marriage procession is stopped outside the door, the more prosperous the newlywed’s family life would be, am I right?”

Su Yu: “………”

Other Yue Kingdom’s diplomacy marriage ambassadors: “………?”

Only the leading minister reacted quickly enough and hurriedly nodded his head in agreement: “Yes yes yes, the Lord Crown Prince must want to have a harmonious life and have prosperity with you in the days after, Crown Princess. Which is why he kept the door closed.”

[T/N: Recall Chapter 1’s explanation for Crown Princess, so don’t worry, Yan Ke did not turn into a woman.]

Yan Ke face froze, but forcefully became calm in a flash and nodded his head.

As a person who frequently browses WeiBo, Yan Ke who is familiar with the 21st Century various styles of scolding people, felt that he might have read too much into the minister’s words.

[T/N: Wei Bo is like a combination of FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram in China]

Having prosperity in the days after, the meaning is that——They would not have prosperity now?

Seeing Yan Ke’s profound look on his face, the minister felt his heart tremble, did he say something wrong just now?

Hence, he started to fawn on him: “The Crown Princess is so virtuous and considerate, the Crown Prince will surely be pleased!”

Yan Ke: “………”

I fucking solved your problems, and you started cursing me, repaying good with evil, isn’t this quite bad?!

[T/N: The cursing part should be referring to ‘not having prosperity now’.]

Also, what were you fucking thinking, flattering me so excessively as virtuous and considerate?

From the back, Su Yu pinched Yan Ke, wanting him to do something about this situation. Unexpectedly, this hand had only grazed Yan Ke’s back, but Yan Ke still fell directly to the ground.

His hand froze in the air as he faced the crowd’s scrutiny.

Su Yu: “………”

Yan Ke was naturally on guard against Su Yu, the moment when Su Yu reached out his hand and brushed against him, he instantaneously dropped to the ground.

Su Yu took back his hand and everyone watched as his expression kept changing. To the prideful Su Yu, this was as good as dying from LingChi.

[T/N: 凌迟LingChi is death by a thousand cuts, it’s a famous torture/execution method as a person would need to face multiple cuts before dying.]

Su Yu: “Why is Your Highness so careless?”

Yan Ke’s face showed pain, with his eyes glancing towards Su Yu’s hand grabbing his wrist. An ambassador noticed his eyes alluding to his pain and pushed Su Yu aside, expanding the space between the two of them.

Yan Ke rubbed his wrist, looked meekly towards Su Yu, his eyes moved erratically, expressing his fear but a bit of stubbornness: “General Su, this Yue Kingdom custom is like this. Asking me to blame them, unreasonably making trouble, Yan Ke can’t do this sort of thing.”

Small voice, cowardly look, adding his face of wounds, he looked like someone who was frequently maltreated.

Yan Ke skilfully acted out this impression, he had frequently saw this look in his past life, hence he was able to act out the core of the look. It was enough to use this image to deal with these group of ancient people.

Su Yu looked darkly at Yan Ke, there were already many people saying that he had abused Yan Ke when he obviously didn’t do anything!

Just now, his hand had only brushed against him and he immediately fell. While preparing to help him up, Yan Ke kept acting so pitifully, who was he acting for?

Also, saying those words, what did he mean? After entering the Yue Kingdom, did he forget his identity?!

Yan Ke stood behind the Yue Kingdom’s ambassador, staring defiantly with a pair of alluring phoenix eyes. Compared to the previous him who was acting pitful to gather sympathy from others, he was like a completely different person.

The Crown Prince Manor was ignoring the knocks from their procession, the two groups of people were deadlocked at the entrance. At this moment when everyone didn’t know what to do, two groups of guards came running from the corner of the street.

A long carriage was leisurely following behind.

Yan Ke abandoned his pitiful image and retreated backwards. Behaving in such a grand manner in front of the Crown Prince Manor, if it wasn’t the Crown Prince himself, it must be his father.

A male exited the carriage, stepped onto a eunuch’s back and descended from the carriage.

Yan Ke discovered, this was the Crown Prince’s father.

When the Yue Kingdom’s Emperor appeared, everyone deeply bowed and saluted him, Su Yu lowered his head and raised it again quickly. This was his etiquette in showing respects to the emperor.

Yan Ke’s eyes watched the arrogant Su Yu and shook his head in his heart. He really didn’t understand how a conceited person like him was worth liking.

The Yue Kingdom’s Emperor naturally saw his behaviour as well, as his eyes was initially on Su Yu and Yan Ke. However, now wasn’t the time to bother about this matter.

 “Smash the door for this emperor!” The emperor glared at the Crown Prince Manor main entrance, thinking of his son who did not consider their whole situation, and suppressed his belly full of anger.

[T/N: The emperor used 朕 / Zhen which is actually I/me but only emperors can use it. I translated it as ‘this emperor’]

The door was smashed, and cling-clang sounds echoed out, Yan Ke tightened his lips. The brother inside is really something! A real man!

[T/N: Palace doors in the past may have metal things on them, so smashing them would make ‘clang’ sounds. Imagine this]

Bro, your old man has been angered, do you still want your royal position?

With the entrance open, they could see the servants from the Crown Prince Manor already kneeling in two neat rows, in preparation to receive punishment. Tears were all over their faces, as they waited for the enraged emperor to decide their fates.

“Your Majesty, the Lord Crown Prince did not let this servant open the door.”

The emperor naturally knows that Meng You is pulling a stunt. The servants of the Crown Prince Manor usually live quite peacefully but once Meng You causes trouble, from the highest servant to the lowest slave, there is no one who will not be scared.

“Go accept your punishment. Someone, grab Meng You for me; Since he is not willing to come out, nail his door shut!”

The emperor looked towards his imperial bodyguards, coldly ordering them.

A small maid for the Crown Prince Manor sneakily lifted her head and peeked at Yan Ke with the corner of her eyes, she thought: This Crown Princess looked like this and wanted to to be with our lord, no wonder our lord wanted to keep the door closed!

Hence, while the emperor was looking away, she took the opportunity to sneak off and find Meng You.

Small maid: “My Lord, you should wake up! The emperor is here. “

Meng You opened his eyes and turned his body.

Since my father is here, the spouse sending procession must be here as well.

Meng You: “The wedding banquet is in the left hall.”

Little maid: “The Crown Princess is also here.”

Meng You: “The bridal chamber is on the right.”

The little maid wanted to get Meng You out before the imperial guards arrived. She finally gave up her attempts when the guards appeared with steel faces, lowering her head and backing away.

Imperial Guard: “My Lord, the emperor has given me an order, if you still do not come out, the emperor will let this guard nail shut the door to your bedroom.”

Meng You: “………”

Imperial Guard: “Since we are such good brothers, do you need me to leave a small gap for your servants to pass food to you?”

Meng You: “………”

The imperial guard seeing as there was no sound coming out from the inside, let the people behind him carrying wooden planks pass him and begin hammering the nails in.

“Tang Qi!” Meng You kicked the door open with one foot, emotionlessly staring at Tang Qi: “It’s been so many years, our brotherhood has finally come to an end! If I knew that this day would come, this Lord wouldn’t have saved you from Meng Han. At that time, Meng Han really wanted to put you into a pig cage and drown you, did you forget that?”

Tang Qi was preparing to nail the door, wanting to stifle the Lord Crown Prince restless mouth when the Lord Crown Prince began speaking again.

Meng You: “It doesn’t matter even if you forgot, this lord still remembers! If there was ever a day when this lord was unhappy, this lord would just get some people to compose a few hundred reminders and paste them on to the various palace doors and city gates. Let the Yue Kingdom’s people help this lord remember, in case this lord forgets.”

Tang Qi: “…………”

The thing he regretted most was the period after Meng You had saved him; the period when his heart was overflowing with gratitude and was willing to work like a slave for him.

If time could flow backwards, he would definitely say one thing to this young hero, the Lord Crown Prince who saved him: Please move on, compared to your pirate ship, I would very much prefer your younger brother’s manure pit!


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