His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – In this life, I will never enter the consummation chamber


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s.

By the way, so when the people are referring to themselves as their title, I will caps their title, otherwise when referring to the people as their position, I will leave it in small letters.


Even though the two of them were arguing, Tang Qi did not forget his orders.

Tang Qi: “My Lord, please head this way. For the wedding to happen, you need to be present.”

Meng You: “………”

He was thinking in this way, first, go through the marriage rites and ceremony. In the future, once a suitable opportunity comes up, then he can have a peaceful separation from the Chu Kingdom’s Crown Prince.

[T/N: The author used the same ‘divorce’ as the story title. But ‘peaceful separation’ is more fitting here.]

Anyway, the Yue Kingdom’s borders were not peaceful, the only reason he hasn’t left yet was to complete this ridiculous marriage.

 “The Crown Prince has arrived!”

Yan Ke was dragged by Su Yu to stand outside the door. Su Yu held a death grip on Yan Ke’s wrist: “Later, let that Crown Prince who doesn’t know what’s good for him bring you in, do you hear me?!”

Yan Ke: “…………”

Meng You walked to the courtyard in front and put on a smiling face for the emperor: “Imperial Father, if you had told me that you were coming to drink wine at my wedding feast, this son would not have closed the door.”

The emperor glared at Meng You and side eyed Su Yu’s group standing outside the door. Even though he was resentful, he still wanted to leave some face for Meng You.

“This Emperor gave you face by withdrawing the royal guards, yet you have the cheek to say this to this Emperor! First, complete the wedding ceremony, then this Emperor will deal with you later!”

“Since he has the courage to enter the door of my Crown Prince Manor, he should also be able to tolerate my torturous intentions. “ Meng You was wearing informal robes and not his wedding robes.

Meng You was not resigned to fate.

His heart was never on love matters, he wanted to fight wars and expand Yue Kingdom’s territory.

Not to mention……love matters between males!

The emperor lowered his voice and suppressed his anger. Considering that Chu Kingdom’s people were still around, it wasn’t good to express his anger.

Tolerating his anger, he resentfully said: “Go and personally invite the people in yourself!”

Meng You shrugged, just as he went out the door, a figure flew towards him.

Exceeding a normal human’s capabilities, he managed to catch the figure.

Looking at the person in his embrace wearing red robes, he narrowed his eyes. We just met and he immediately jumped into his arms?

Does he still want his face?!

Meng You turned his eyes to Yan Ke’s face full of wounds, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Don’t even talk about comparing to any country’s Crown Prince, even comparing to the servants in his Crown Prince Manor, there wasn’t anyone who was as thin as him!

Thinking of the portrait of Chu Kingdom’s Crown Prince Yan Ke his father gave him, Meng You rolled his eyes in his heart.

The artist’s desire to survive must be very strong!

It wasn’t easy to draw this little monkey as an elegant beautiful man.

Out of nowhere, a flying stone flew towards the back of Yan Ke’s head, Yan Ke then fainted.

Su Yu prepared a defence formation and prepared to slowly enter the Crown Prince Manor.

Meng You looked at the person in his arms.

He said: “Could you people help your master settle down? Falling into this Lord’s arms, this is not appropriate.”

Su Yu coldly spoke and pushed back his half-sheathed sword: “This General actually wanted to ask this Lord Crown Prince, we waited outside the Crown Prince Manor for such a long time, what’s the meaning behind the Crown Prince Manor not opening their doors? Also, once the door opened, our own Lord Crown Prince was attacked, what’s the meaning behind this as well?!”

Meng You was someone with a bad temper, so especially when he saw Su Yu acting up in front of him, his explosive temper sparked.

He seized Su Yu’s collar.

 “Don’t be in such a hurry to interrogate this Lord, this is this Lord’s territory, even if there should be an investigation, it should be this Lord asking the questions. This Lord wants to ask General Su Yu for a detailed explanation about the Crown Princess’s every wound and bruise.”

Meng You aggressively pointed out this issue, with one question, he made Su Yu speechless.  

How could he give an explanation to Meng You?

Tell him that Yan Ke tried to escape on the road? If he said that, this wedding wouldn’t need to be gone through.

Besides, the scars on his hand, was really caused by him.

Su Yu: “The journey was long, and the road was difficult to traverse, His Majesty’s body had been pampered since young, hence it was difficult to avoid some accidents.”

Meng You: “Oh?”

The moment when Yan Ke fell into his arms, Meng You had already seen the marks on Yan Ke’s hands.

He pulled up Yan Ke’s sleeves.

Yan Ke’s fair-complexioned wrist, his blood-crusted wrist was exposed to the crowd’s eyes.

What Meng You saw was only the tip of the iceberg.

Once he saw his whole appearance, his heart was stirred.

Looking at this, he must have been tied up the whole journey, so he actually didn’t want this marriage either.

Meng You spoke in a contentious tone: “This was also caused by bumps on the journey?”

Su Yu stared at Yan Ke’s wrists, gripped his sword tightly and said nothing.

Meng You: “Since you’re not saying anything, it must mean that you are admitting to this deed.”

 “Somebody come over! Detain them!”

At first Meng You carried him with his arms, but thinking that this position isn’t appropriate, he lumped him onto his shoulders instead.

Yan Ke hissed in pain.

While Yan Ke was unconscious, he felt like he was a bowling ball. As if he was rolled into a ball and thrown, every part of him had bumped into something, it was so painful!

Meng You heard that hiss and hmphed: “This Lord carrying you is already being very kind, you better know what to do about this! Remember this Lord’s great favour and kindness, in the future when we divorce, this debt can be used.”

The emperor and Tang Qi were following behind.

The emperor saw the Chu Kingdom’s procession being detained, since they didn’t say anything, they must be admitting to it.

He needed to find an opportunity.

An opportunity to hit his son in front of outsiders without his son losing face.

Listening to Meng You’s words about divorce, his hand reached to his waist to find his jade flute, but he couldn’t find it.

Tang Qi took out his flute and presented it to the emperor: “Your Majesty, your servant has brought this!”

“Good.” The emperor gazed appreciatively at Tang Qi.

This is the reason why he appreciated Tang Qi the most! He knew his heart well.

Meng You had just put the person onto the bed inside the bridal chamber to see the emperor standing behind him.

“Do you want to take it out or let this Emperor get someone to grab it?”

Meng You turned his head, looked at his father holding a jade flute standing behind him. This is his usual method to discipline him, he would always get a jade flute to hit his palm.

But——This flute looked unfamiliar.

Under Meng You’s eyes, the emperor spun the flute a few times, only then did he see a ‘Qi’ word on the flute’s handle.

He then turned his eyes to Tang Qi who was stifling his laughter.

A person who didn’t know how to play the flute carrying one on his body, he must have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time?

Just as he took out his hand, the emperor grabbed Meng You’s hand with one hand, and used the other to hit it hard.

Meng You didn’t even blink, it was as if it wasn’t him being hit.

“Meng You, this Emperor will tell you today, as long as Chu Kingdom is still intact, he, will still be your Crown Princess! And you are not allowed to get concubines too.” After hitting him a few more times, he threw the flute to Tang Qi at his back.

Meng You took back his palm and left his hand hanging.

Meng You: “Your Son understands, my Crown Prince Manor can still afford to feed an extra person.”

But soon, Meng You twisted his words: “But, if he wants to leave, I wouldn’t stop him.”


Without waiting for the emperor to finish, Meng You directly walked to his desk and unfolded a portrait: “If Imperial Father wants to ask me why, this is the reason.”

The emperor was rendered speechless by Meng You’s words.

After all, the difference between the portrait and the real person was like the difference between heaven and earth.


When Yan Ke woke up, his surroundings were pitch-black.

Struggling to get up, his whole body was aching badly.

“Is anyone here?”

Meng You: “………”

Yan Ke got up from the bed, feeling bewildered, where did Su Yu that idiot go to?

“Is anyone here? Can somebody get Lao Zi some light?”

Meng You: “………”

“Head aching, hand aching, whole body aching! It feels like I was pressed by someone to the bed and rubbed a hundred and eighty times, ss——”

[T/N: ss as in the hissing sound from feeling pain.]

Meng You was finally unable to control his temper.

Meng You: “Shut up! This Lord did nothing to you!”

“I also wouldn’t want you to! You are just a sack of bones, even if this Lord groped you, my hands would feel uncomfortable!”

[T/N: Author used “也不稀罕干”, there is some wordplay here. 干 can mean ‘doing’ or it can be slang for ‘fuck’. So he could also mean ‘(I) also wouldn’t want you fucking (me).’, ‘(I) also wouldn’t want you to do anything to (me).’]

Yan Ke’s words managed to shut Meng You’s complaints up and so he lied back onto the bed.

His heart has collapsed.

Brother you sei?

 [T/N: Author used “兄弟你sei”, this ‘sei’ can be China slang for ‘great’, or Taiwan slang for ‘embarrassed’, or ‘die’ in Cantonese, or it can mean ‘say’ in English, all these could fit in this context so I will leave it as author puts it.]

Why are you in my room? Why reply me? I also didn’t say that you were the one to press me on the bed and rub me, what are you worried about?

Yan Ke can faintly guess who this person was but he wasn’t very sure, so he asked one thing: “How about——We exchange codewords?”

“What do you want to exchange?”

“Heavenly Emperor covers the Earth Tiger?”

[T/N: Author used “天王盖地虎?”, the return phrase is “宝塔镇河妖”. There is a whole story behind these phrase. It’s quite long but to summarise, this phrase was used in a movie, as a code phrase between bandits to ascertain whether the other party is also a bandit or an outsider. I’m not sure if this is accurate but I’m pretty sure it’s not just a random phrase the author decided to use.]


Yan Ke sighed: “Lao Zi seems to know who you are already.”

Meng You: “……”

Yan Ke: “Since the sky is dark now, let us——”

Meng You listened to him up to this point, he immediately panicked, carrying a horrified face he quickly jumped out his familiar escape path, the window. His voice spread through the summer breeze: “Don’t expect this Lord to enter the consummation chamber! In this life, it’s impossible!!”

 “No——Bro, you ran too fast! Look at the dark sky and obscure lighting, we can have a happy divorce! “ Missing this opportunity, Yan Ke felt that it was such a pity.


Author has something to say:

Yan Ke: Bro, let’s divorce?

Meng You: Don’t expect this lord to enter the consummation chamber with you! In this life, it’s impossible!

——Time dividing line.

Meng You: Oh? I heard you wanted a divorce?

Yan Ke: Oh? Entering the consummation chamber in this life is impossible, what are you doing now?


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