His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – He might not want to get divorced but make him a widow


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s.


Meng You who ran like the wind gave Yan Ke a sense of security.

At least, when night fell and it was time to sleep, he didn’t need to protect his butt.

In the morning when Yan Ke opened his tired eyes, it was drizzling outside, and the temperature was cold.

Touching his scalding forehead, Yan Ke sighed, he must have caught a cold last night.

While Yan Ke had yet to get up, the door was opened by the maids sent by the emperor to serve the Crown Princess, they were carrying water for washing up.

Separated by a folding screen, the maids did not dare to speak loudly: “Crown Princess, it is time to wake up.”

 [T/N: Imagine this, the screen could vary from being translucent or solid though.]

Image result for chinese folding screen in ancient room

Yan Ke responded “Okay” with a nasally sound.

Even though he responded, there was no movement from him.

A maid spoke again to remind him: “Crown Princess, today you should go to court with the Crown Prince to pay respects to the Emperor.”

[T/N: It is customary for them to pay respects as a couple to the emperor after getting married.]

Yan Ke opened his eyes, picked a robe from his closet: “Okay.”

His throat was dry, and when he spoke, it was barely intelligible. His eyelids could barely open and his whole head was buzzing.

Meng You stood outside the door, allowing the maids to enter and do their duty without entering himself. After all, he still remembered how the man inside wanted him to stay and spend a spring night together and proceed with consummation.

[T/N: Spring Night is euphemism for sleeping together.]

“Crown Princess!”

A maid’s shocked voice travelled out the door, Meng You’s narrowed his eyes, opened the door and entered. He saw Yan Ke who hasn’t even wore his clothes properly, had fallen beside the closet. He took large strides forward and carried him onto the bed.

Lowering his voice, he ordered the maids at the back: “Go to the backyard and call for imperial physicians. Also, send someone to the palace to inform my father that we are unable to go to the palace today.”

After his orders were carried out, the room was left with only Yan Ke and him.

Yan Ke: “Cold——”

Meng You lifted the quilt and covered up Yan Ke.

After a while, Yan Ke started kicking away the quilt.

Yan Ke: “Hot——”

Meng You reached out again to pull away the quilt.

Yan Ke: “Cold——”

Meng You: “………”

Yan Ke: “Hot——”

Meng You: “………”

Yan Ke: “Cold——”


Meng You was tossed around by Yan Ke’s repeated complaints of hot and cold, and finally became annoyed enough to use the quilt to wrap Yan Ke like a dumpling, just like a bug in a cocoon.

Yan Ke’s whole body was uncomfortable and was even trapped like this. Even after using his whole strength, he was unable to stretch his hands out. In the end, he irritably used his legs’ strength to try and kick his way out.

Meng You: “………”

The imperial physicians who had rushed over saw the Crown Princess who was wrapped into a dumpling by the Lord Crown Prince, wiped the sweat off their foreheads and let a maid unwrap him.

Imperial physician: “My Lord, why don’t……you leave first? The Crown Princess may not be able to endure your treatment.”

Meng You’s eyebrows raised, coldly snorted: “This Lord did not touch him!” 

The imperial physician went along with him: “Yes yes yes, it was the Crown Princess who wrapped himself up like this.”

Meng You: “………”

Meng You was not only chased out but the door was even shut on him.

He also heard the imperial physician ordering the maids to lock the door.

He was unable to say a word for a while. Then Meng You roared from the outside: “THIS LORD REALLY DID NOT TOUCH HIM!”

Yan Ke had been resisting throughout the journey and hence been exerting his body. Also, due to being unaccustomed to the climate, he had been vomiting in the carriage thus weakening himself further.

Yue Kingdom’s weather was fickle. Even though it was summer, the temperature difference during day and night was extreme. Yan Ke’s acquired cold was like a root of sickness, igniting the various major and minor illnesses suppressed within Yan Ke’s body.

This time, Yan Ke fainted for five days.

His fever lasted the whole of these five days, in the midst, he managed to force himself to drink some medicine. He completely lost the looks of a human.

Meng You was by his side, watching over him closely for these days, the imperial physicians were chased away and changed multiple times in batches.

But, the person on the bed was still unconscious and his fever had remained constant.

Meng You threw the medicine bowl: “Is this even effective? If it isn’t, all of you might as well throw your medicine and herbs away and go back home to retire!”

The imperial physicians trembled and knelt outside the folding screen, hearing the Lord Crown Prince’s raging voice, they didn’t dare to speak.

This illness momentum was overwhelming, even though it was caused by an ordinary cold, but due to his body’s deficiency, curing the cold was only curing a symptom and not the root cause. In the future, he would need to take much better care of himself and build up his health.

While he was half conscious, Yan Ke heard the noisy sounds and knitted his eyebrows.

Meng You was prepared to speak again but his wrist was suddenly caught by Yan Ke’s slender fingers.

He wanted to shake off his hand but looking at Yan Ke’s pale face, he decided to tolerate it. Looking at his weak body, if he used too much strength and made his bones fall apart, that would be bad.

Meng You slowed down and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Yan Ke weakly said: “Hey……Lao Zi said to shut up.”

Meng You: “…………”

Meng You endured his rage, removed the hand grabbing onto his wrist, finger by finger and walked out.

He looked disdainfully at the people kneeling: “Just now……what did you people hear?”

Crowd of imperial physicians and servants: “Nothing nothing, we heard nothing.”

We didn’t hear the Crown Princess who you have been taking care of day and night, nit-pick at your noise and told you to shut up!

We really heard nothing.

Meng You was pleased and stopped watching them. He went from his bride’s room to the dungeon in his Crown Prince Manor, where the dungeon stored people who he could make a move on.

The moment he saw Su Yu, Meng You hooked his finger towards Su Yu: “Bring him out.”

I can’t hit or scold your owner, so I will use you to appease my temper.

Su Yu was locked up for quite a few days. Originally, he thought that after he came here, he would be treated as an honoured guest, but in the end Meng You had sent him directly to the dungeon.

Su Yu: “What does Your Highness intend to do?”

Meng You coldly laughed: “This Lord has already sent a letter to Chu Kingdom, asking your Chu Kingdom’s Emperor, if it was him who gave you an order to abuse this Lord’s Crown Princess.”

“Where is Yan Ke?”

“Yan Ke? You should address him as ‘Crown Princess’.” Meng You loosened his wrists, he didn’t come here to chat with Su Yu. After speaking a few words with him, he became impatient.

“Come, if you can beat this Lord, this Lord will release you and your soldiers.”

Su Yu had been locked up for five days. These five days, he did not eat or sleep well. He never experienced having so much pent up anger, plus that sentence about addressing Yan Ke as the ‘Crown Princess’, after massaging his stiff neck, he coldly laughed: “Then, excuse my rudeness.”

Meng You had been practicing Martial Arts since he was young. Although he was a noble Crown Prince, he never had a moment of slacking off. Dealing with Su Yu this arrogant soldier who had been pampered since childhood, was simply too easy.

Looking at Su Yu who was half-kneeling after a few moves from him, Meng You felt that his mood had became slightly better.

Meng You: “Since you didn’t defeat this Lord, you can remain locked up.”

“Let me see Yan Ke.”

“Are you even worthy?”

Meng You left him with these ruthless four words to spite him and went out of the dungeon. Su Yu was detained inside again, his expression showing his displeasure and rage.

Meng You who had just ‘exercised’, left the dungeon and saw a maid from his Crown Prince Manor waiting outside.

When the maid saw Meng You coming out, she sighed in relief: “My Lord, the Crown Princess has awoken.”

Meng You: “Okay, it is good that he woke up.”

Maid: “The Crown Princess is looking for you.”

Meng You looked at the maid incredulously: “Did he even consider his current situation? He had been so sick that he’s half-dead already, and he is still thinking about consummation matters! He really doesn’t want his face or his life! Tell him, this Lord is not free!”

Maid: “………”

Judging from the Crown Princess’s behaviour, he didn’t seem to be thinking about consummation matters……

Meng You: “Let him reorganise his thoughts. This Lord will write a letter, pass this letter to him.”

Meng You felt that the maid would probably be unable to pass on his meaning and stopped the maid. He turned to his study room, wrote a lengthy letter and passed it to the maid.

Meng You: “After he reads the letter, he will naturally understand his place.”

The maid gathered her courage: “My Lord, this servant feels that the Crown Princess is probably not looking for you for consummation matters.”

Meng You gave the maid a glance, what do you even know!

The first time they met, he threw himself into his arms.

After that, when he kindly visited him at night to check on him, he wanted him to stay the night!

He simply had no sense of shame!

The maid looked at the person already walking away. After hesitating for a while, she entered the bride’s room and passed the letter apprehensively into Yan Ke’s hands.

Yan Ke’s eyes brightened.

Cough Cough——As expected, after escaping from death, one will receive good things. While he had been so sick that he lost half his life, this Lord Crown Prince must have finally became so disgusted with him that he gave him the letter of divorce!

Yan Ke opened the letter and stared at the words, with every word he read, his face sunk a bit more and he felt like vomiting blood.

Yan Ke was enraged, so it turns out that this guy doesn’t want to get divorced but wanted him to fucking become a widow!

[T/N: The translated sentence is awkward, but I will leave it as it is to keep the meaning. For people who can read Chinese, the author wrote it more concisely. 晏柯被气到了,原来那家伙不是想和离,是特么的想丧偶啊!But to make things clearer, Yan Ke is saying that Meng You is triggering Yan Ke into wanting to kill him, and hence making Yan Ke a widow since Meng You is his husband.]

The maid looked at Yan Ke who was fuming and carrying a suffering look on his face while lying on the bed, then she turned her pupils towards the letter that Yan Ke had threw to the ground and sneakily read a few sentences.

:Restrain your zealous heart, it’s useless to this Lord!

:You just need to focus on recovering, don’t keep scheming about crooked ways and dishonest means to seduce this Lord!

:This Lord has frequented various dens of vice, towards people like you who don’t know any special tricks or flirtation techniques, this Lord really has no interest, just give up on your ideas!

The maid was shocked.


Author has something to say:

Yan Ke: Ghosts know what I have experienced.


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