His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – I will continue to work hard!


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s. I may add some of my own words for clarity sake, but I will try not to change the meaning of the whole sentence. When the author uses 成语 / Cheng Yu, which is something like idiom-like phrases, I may just translate them in simple English if they are not very meaningful. Otherwise, I will add a translation note. An example would be ‘不三不四’, I would most likely translate it as ‘dubious’ depending on the context.

From WordPress, I can see websites that have linked to my site. So for my Russian readers, if you prefer, you may see https://tl.rulate.ru/book/24499 for a Russian translation, I can’t tell if it’s a good translation or not but based on google translate, the translator seems to have good vocabulary so that’s pretty nice.

Haha so to promote a healthy lifestyle, here’s a little drinking game, every time you guys see ‘consummate marriage’, ‘divorce’, ‘great favour and kindness’ or ’…’, drink a glass of water. Let’s see if this list of commonly used words will increase~


The steward was about to collapse, first he had to send someone to find the Crown Prince, then he had to secretly signal a shadow guard to guard Yan Ke’s door.

Yan Ke heard sounds from the door and roof, so even though he had just lied down, he got up again. Opening the door, he saw many black-clothed people standing at the entrance.

Yan Ke’s heart started racing and he panicked: “What happened? Was there a terrorist attack?”

Shadow guard leader: “………”

“Crown Princess, please stay inside the house and rest.”

How can he still rest?

Yan Ke: “Can you tell me what happened so that I won’t worry?”

The shadow guard hesitated awhile: “It’s…the Seventh Prince is looking for you?”

Yan Ke: “………Why is he looking for me?”

The shadow guard kept quiet.

Yan Ke: “Hmm?”

Shadow guard: “Throw…throw you into a manure pit.”

Yan Ke didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, his heart was almost at this throat, he thought it was a terrorist attack, but unexpectedly it was just that volatile person being angry.

“Never mind, all of you can go rest.”

The shadow guard shook his head, using this action to express, even if the Seventh Prince wanted to throw them all into a manure pit, they would not let him throw the Crown Princess in!

Yan Ke laughed, closed the door and lied back on the bed.

Previously, his body could tolerate staying up overnight, but once he reached here, if he didn’t sleep fifteen-sixteen hours a day, his head would become dizzy and he could do nothing the whole day.

Recovering his health, is a simple task to him.

Yan Ke thought, after the divorce, he would use his dowry to make his body recover.

On Meng You’s side, he hadn’t even warmed his seat yet before the people from his residence came to find him. Hearing that it was Meng Han this little punk making trouble, Meng You used a profound gaze to look at Tang Qi: “Do you understand what type of person Meng Han is already? Do you understand how at that time, how difficult it was for this Lord to save you from his hands? You better remember this Lord’s great favour and kindness!”

Tang Qi rolled his eyes in his heart, took up a wine bowl and faced the people beside him: “Come come, let’s drink today while we have alcohol, and forget the past ‘great favours’.”

[T/N: People in the past used to drink alcohol from bowls. There is some wordplay here in that “今朝有酒今朝醉” literally means, today there is alcohol, so let’s drink. Another meaning is that celebrate today while you can and live in the present moment now.]

Meng You had yet to ask about what had happened when a second wave of people from his residence arrived to urge him to return home.

The servants were panting while looking at Meng You, for a long time, they still did not catch their breath.

Meng You frowned: “Did Meng Han that kid set fire to this Lord’s Crown Prince Residence again?”

“Nonono……My Lord……It’s……”

Tang Qi whistled: “I know what type of person Meng Han is already!”

This was completely an attitude of not wanting to get involved, just drinking wine and watching the show.

Meng You had no time to bother with Tang Qi and waited for the servant to finish his words.

Servant: “My Lord, the Seventh Prince said, he wants to throw the Crown Princess into a manure pit.”

Tang Qi: “Pu……Cough Cough Cough……”

Tang Qi apologetically looked at the person who got spat in the face from his wine and started laughing madly.

Meng You’s face was completely black, he banged the table fiercely and rushed home.

Very good, today, the Yue Kingdom will no longer have a Seventh Prince.

On Meng Han’s side, he was unsuspecting of the danger that was getting closer to him, and was on the contrary, becoming even more arrogant from seeing that the people from the Crown Prince Manor were helpless to do anything to him

Meng Han: “Don’t even mention Meng You coming, even if it was my Imperial Father who was coming today, all of you would still have to hand him over! No matter who pleads for him, it will be useless. Whoever pleads for him, this Young Lord will throw them down together!”

Nobody said a word.

Meng Han had already noticed the direction that the shadow guards had previous went in, so he pushed aside the servants and headed towards Yan Ke’s courtyard.

Steward looked at the situation and had a bad feeling, so he hurriedly stood in front of Meng Han to block his way. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to tell the Seventh Prince that the person he was looking for was the Crown Princess, but they were too scared to say it……

In the past, the Seventh Prince had always gotten the short end of the stick with the Lord Crown Prince, he had roughly grown up by being beaten up throughout his childhood. Who knew what had happened between the Crown Princess and the Seventh Prince, if they were to calculate this new grudge together with the past grudges from the Lord Crown Prince……

That would be terrible.

Steward: “Your Highness, why don’t we wait for the Lord to return and decide what to do next?”

The steward’s words were originally meant to remind the brazen Seventh Prince to not forget how Meng You had previously suppressed him.

He did not expect that……

Meng Han quickened his steps: “You’re right, this Young Lord needs to hurry up, it will be bad once Meng You returns.”

Steward: “………”

Once Meng Han reached Yan Ke’s courtyard, he looked at the shadow guards standing orderly outside and turned his head to the steward.

Meng Han: “I see, you had only half-heartedly blocked me just now because you already had people waiting here for this Young Lord? Did you think that preparing so many people here, would be enough to stop this Young Lord?”

“Do they dare to even touch a single nail of this Young Lord’s?!”

The steward was about to continue to persuade him when a person’s shadow went past him and stopped, the steward’s heart was elated: Seventh Prince, a person who dared to touch even a single nail of yours has arrived.

Meng You: “Seventh Brother, what are you looking for in this Lord’s manor?”

Meng You softly asked as he stood behind Meng Han with an ambiguous half-smile.

Meng Han became alert and scuttled back a few metres, previously that person who was acting like a tyrant, suddenly lost his spirit and wilted.

Meng Han: “This Young…Young Lord…I I’m looking for a servant in your manor.”

Meng Han forced himself to pretend to be calm.

Meng You continued to wear a fake smile and watched him: “Who are you looking for? This Lord will help you.”

Meng Han believed him: “A male, very thin!”

Meng You nodded his head: “This Lord know who you are looking for, why are you looking for him?”

Meng Han raged: “I jumped from a tree, telling him to catch me, but not only did he not catch me, he even made me fall, and even left me by myself in the back garden of the Crown Prince Manor! Big brother, don’t you think that he deserves to be thrown into a manure pit?”

Meng You went along with him: “Deserves to.”

Meng Han: “………”

This time……why was his answer so accommodating?

“Real…Really deserves to?”

Meng You: “Yes.”

Meng Han: “Then…I won’t allow anyone to plead for him, if anyone pleads for him, I will throw them down together with him?”

Meng You nodded his head: “No one can plead for him.”

Meng Han finally relaxed: “Thank you big brother!”

Meng You: “No need to thank me.”

Meng You turned his head towards the people standing in front of the entrance to Yan Ke’s room: “Move aside, let the Seventh Prince capture the Crown Princess to throw him into a manure pit.”

Meng Han: “………”

Meng Han: “???”

Meng Han: “!!!”

Meng Han: “That……Very thin……That……”

Meng You: “He is this Lord’s Crown Princess.”

Meng You’s legs slackened and fell sitting down, he looked at Meng You with an expression of wanting to cry: “Big brother……”

Meng You: “Hey, younger brother, do you need big brother to open the door for you?”

Meng Han cried out with a sound of ‘Wah’: “Big brother!”

Meng You: “Hey, younger brother, do you need big brother to get someone to carry out that person?”

Meng Han rolled around on the ground: “My dearest big brother!!”

Meng You: “Hey, dearest younger brother, do you need big brother to get someone to help you lift open the lid of the manure pit?”

Meng Han hugged Meng You’s thigh, with tears and snot running down his face: “My good big brother, forgive your younger brother’s ignorance, it’s an unintentional offence. Big brother, one who doesn’t know the law, shouldn’t be guilty of the crime, please be lenient in your punishment.”

[T/N: Author used 不知者无罪, an idiom that means that one who doesn’t know the law, shouldn’t be guilty of the crime. So he’s trying to say that he didn’t know that Yan Ke was the Crown Princess, so he shouldn’t be punished for offending the Crown Princess.]

Meng You ruthlessly pulled back his leg, walked to the door and knocked twice: “Have you gone to bed?”

Yan Ke had been listening to the whole conversation from his room and was laughing till his tears almost came out.

Goddamn, dearest older brother and dearest younger brother.

Yan Ke: “Not yet.”

Meng You: “How do you want to punish him?”

Yan Ke was about to say, since he’s still young, it’s alright if he’s a little playful.

But some people were just born as miserable wretches who would be unable to experience the feeling of people pleading for them.

Meng Han: “Big brother! Sister-in-law told me; you are so fierce in bed! He said that he had never seen such a powerful man before! Big brother, you are truly our Yue Kingdom’s future rising star! Big brother! Sister-in-law even told me, the both of you were firmly attached to the other, so in love that you are both simply inseparable, this younger brother will wish for the both of you here to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss!”

[T/N: HAHA what an explosion of idioms here, author used:
明日之光 – Future rising star
如胶似漆 – Firmly attached to the other
恩爱两不离 – So in love that the both were simply inseparable
白头偕老 – Live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss]

Meng Han rattled on and on, every word and sentence felt like a knife stabbing into the backs of both the person inside and outside the room.

Yan Ke coldly laughed: “Throw him into the pit.”

Meng You agreed: “Yes, this Lord was thinking of the same thing.”

With Meng You’s command, a few people lifted Meng Han and prepared to set off. Even if you killed Meng Han, he still didn’t know what went wrong with his bootlicking.

From a man being fierce in bed to the well-wishes as a couple, anything that sounded nice, he just said it, what was wrong with what he said?

Meng Han: “Brother! Future rising star! So in love that you are both simply inseparable! Dearest brother! Bro——”

Meng Han’s voice broke at the last word.

Meng You’s face remained dark: “Hold his head, let him soak in it for a while.”

He kindly directed the shadow guard holding up Meng Han.

After this farce of a show ended, Meng You walked again to Yan Ke’s door and knocked: “This Lord saved you, don’t forget this great favour and kindness, in the future, this debt can be used.”

Yan Ke: “………”


Yan Ke: “Get lost!”

Yan Ke directly interrupted Meng You, this was not the first time he heard Meng You say this sentence.

Yan Ke: “You keep wanting to collect so much merits, is it that once you have accumulated enough merits, you can ascend to heaven?”

Meng You: “………”

Tang Qi secretly hid behind to watch the whole drama, including the part where in front of his own younger brother, the powerful Lord Crown Prince was rendered speechless by the Crown Princess. This image of him being so scared that he didn’t even dare to let out a single word of nonsense was recorded clearly in his eyes.

Remember it, remember it!

The next time the Lord Crown Prince used the phrase ‘great favour and kindness’ on him, he would retort with ‘is it that once you have accumulated enough merits, you can ascend to heaven’ to make him choke up.

Meng You was going to swallow his resentment since no one was around to hear the insult, but when he turned around, he saw Tang Qi standing at the back.

Meng You decisively decided to turn around and continued to knock on the door: “How can you speak like this to this Lord?”

Yan Ke rolled his eyes: “My Lord, how about we discuss this on the bed?”

Meng You wanted to collapse: “Can you have some face?!”

[T/N: Having face means to have some pride.]

Yan Ke: “No, you can have my face~”

Meng You heard Tang Qi’s laughter behind him and his face became cold. At this moment, he didn’t know what to do next.

Soon, with a stiff neck: “Just this once! If you dare to speak like this again to this Lord, this Lord will——”

Yan Ke: “Get lost.”

Meng You: “………Okay, then you can go ahead and rest first.”

Tang Qi was laughing so much that he couldn’t help himself, this was the first time in his life that he saw this Lord being beaten!

Meng You: “Aren’t you laughing quite happily?”

Tang Qi: “It’s still okay, it’s not that funny.”


Tang Qi: “Even though it isn’t that funny, but I simply can’t control myself.”

Meng You: “Anyway, since this Lord will divorce him, this Lord will give in to that sickly person, you understand right?”

Tang Qi nodded his head.

Meng You: “This Lord’s temper is not good, I’m someone who can kill to prevent people from divulging things that shouldn’t be said, you understand right? Especially people who have seen this Lord swallow a loss and yet can still smile so brilliantly, this Lord simply can’t accept them.”

Tang Qi smile slowly froze and he quickly took large strides away to leave Meng You behind.

He left a few hateful parting words: “May the Lord Crown Prince and Crown Princess consummate their marriage soon!”

Yan Ke wasn’t good at much things, but his ears were very sharp: “Thank you, I will continue to work hard!”

Meng You: “………”

Meng You: “Shut up!”

Even though Meng Han wasn’t really thrown in a manure pit, but he was dunked into a water bucket to soak for a few rounds and returned to his own manor drenched.

He decided in his heart, in the future, and even in the far far future, he would never go to the Crown Prince Manor again to find trouble for himself!

As for Yan Ke, he originally thought that since they were living in the same residence, he would have a lot of opportunities to ask for a divorce. However, in the end, he didn’t manage to get Meng You to sign the divorce papers but instead got the news of Meng You setting off for the battlefield.

Yan Ke: “He left?”

Maid: “Yes……The Lord said, he was scared that the Crown Princess would not think clearly and do something rash at night.”

The veins on Yan Ke’s forehead popped, what fucking rash thing would he do at night! What would Lao Zi this straight as a rod male fucking do at night!

Yan Ke: “Once he leaves, how long would he take to return?”

Maid: “The Lord Crown Prince said, conservatively estimating, it should take about two to three years.”

Yan Ke: “Fuck!”

Expecting him to wait here for him for two to three years?! No way would he do that!

Yan Ke wore his clothes properly and left his room. He ran towards the city gates that were nearby. He could still see the tail of the army, if he chased them now, he could probably still catch up with them.

But things don’t usually go as planned, the streets of the capital are usually crowded with people. By the time Yan Ke got past the crowd and reached the city gates, the city gates had already closed.

[T/N: City gates don’t usually remain open the whole day.]

Hence, Yan Ke climbed up the city gate tower and stared at the army which had already left for quite a distance and shouted: “Meng You! You bastard!”

Meng You who was at the front of the army heard a wispy sound and turned around to glance back, it was probably his imagination.

Yan Ke continued to shout: “Come back!”

Meng You turned his head to see a person waving continuously on top of the city gate tower, he frowned and decided to ignore the annoying Yan Ke.

Yan Ke: “Meng You! Come back for Lao Zi! Lao Zi wants to divorce you!! Divorce——”

Yan Ke shouted until his voice became hoarse.

The lieutenant general beside Meng You asked: “My Lord, was that the Crown Princess?”

Meng You: “Yes.”

Lieutenant general: “Just now the Crown Princess mentioned… mentioned divorce?”

Meng You: “He only wants this Lord to remain at home to accompany him, he keeps threatening to kill himself to threaten this Lord, so annoying.”

If only he was really so impatient to get divorced, how great would it be!

Originally, he didn’t want to tell him about the upcoming battle, so he told a maid in the manor to wait for him to leave before informing him, unexpectedly, that person lacking in conduct would actually run to the top of the city gate tower and shout for him to return! So shameless!


Author has something to say:

Meng You: Try speaking like this again to this Lord?

Yan Ke: Get lost.

Meng You: You……

Yan Ke: Get lost!

Meng You: Good Boy!

Yan Ke: ……


Yan Ke: Come back! Please come back! (TAT)! Didn’t we agree on a divorce, yet you are going to war!

Meng You: Why are you such a pest? You still dare to call this Lord to return in front of so many people? Don’t you know that we are going to divorce?


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