His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – If you didn’t, you would have already become a widow for me


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s. I may add some of my own words for clarity sake, but I will try not to change the meaning of the whole sentence. When the author uses 成语 / Cheng Yu, which is something like idiom-like phrases, I may just translate them in simple English if they are not very meaningful. Otherwise, I will add a translation note. An example would be ‘不三不四’, I would most likely translate it as ‘dubious’ depending on the context.

There is now a Thai translation of this novel. The translator uses a different source from JJWXC though so each chapter is shorter but they will have more chapters. Based on google translate, the names of the characters seem a bit inconsistent but it may be due to the language difference though. The translator did add a note about Meng You’s name though but google translate kinds of messes up the translation of the note so I’m not really sure of the meaning of it. Anyways, for any Thai readers, it will be good to know that these two people have a courtesy/another name.

  • Yan Ke = Zi Gui
  • Meng You = Shu Li


Meng You was still angry. At noon, the shadow guard of the Crown Prince Manor arrived in the barracks with the steward’s letter.

When Meng You saw him, his heart thumped once.

Something must have happened at home.

The shadow guard followed Meng You into the general’s tent, took out the letter from his robes and presented it with both hands.

The more Meng You read, the darker his face became.

Reading to the end, he slammed the table with his palm, suppressing his anger, he asked lowly: “What’s the situation in the capital now?”

Shadow Guard: “When I left, only the steward and I knew about this matter.”

Meng You looked at the letter in his hand. Actually, he knew that Yan Ke was the person with the highest possibility of stealing the city defence map.

Meng You: “Go back and observe the situation first, tell them, wait for this Lord to return before making a decision.”

Shadow guard: “Yes!”

Meng You was the head of the army, he couldn’t just leave as he wanted. He had to properly ensure that a few of his confidants could handle his upcoming plans for the next few days first.

Meng You: “Something has happened in the capital, this Lord needs to go back first. Before this Lord returns, defense will be our main strategy.”

The lieutenant generals: “Yes!”

After passing on the remaining matters, Meng You hurried back on horseback at full speed to return to the imperial city.

Soon after he left, the messenger who was heading to the frontier to send snacks saw a person whizzing past him. After a long reaction, he turned his horse’s head and strained his throat to shout: “Lord Crown Prince!”

Meng You frowned as he stared at the snacks in the messenger’s hand, he asked: “What’s the matter?”

The messenger passed the box of snacks over: “This was sent over by the Crown Princess to you, Lord Crown Prince.”

Meng You accepted the box of snacks with a heavy heart.

The situation was already like this, yet he was still sending him gifts?

When Meng You opened the box, there was a snack wrapped with oil paper inside. Yet, Meng You’s eyes were attracted to the item below it.

He fiddled with the box and became even more puzzled after confirming that Yan Ke had sent him the city defence map together with the snack.

He took up the letter that was in the bottom layer and opened it.

A few large characters were scribbled on it: Meng You! Quickly come and save me! TAT.

Meng You: “………”


Yan Ke stayed in a cold and wet cell without a quilt for a night. It was only dawn, but his old sickness had already showed signs of returning.

The thin clothes he was wearing, had already turned moist from the wetness of the cell. Yan Ke curled himself on the cell’s bed. He wanted to drink water and wanted even more for the big brothers outside to give him a blanket.

[T/N: Chinese people tend to call people whom they require help from, brother, since this can make people feel closer. Calling them big brother, can show respect to them by calling them an elder at the same time.]

After calling out the whole night, his throat had turned hoarse, yet no one acknowledged him at all.

Yan Ke sighed, his eyes couldn’t even stay open anymore.

The dampness in the cell did not reduce from the sun rising. Not to mention that for over nearly a month, he, this sickly patient had been sick with all kinds of illnesses. Even if he was a healthy young man, he would bet that he would still be unable to stay here for more than three days.

In his daze, Yan Ke felt someone calling him. He wondered who was it that was so kind, that he fed him a few sips of water.

Tang Qi touched Yan Ke’s boiling hot forehead, placed the bowl of water aside, and kicked the jailer with one foot: “Didn’t I say this? Take care of the Crown Princess and wait for the Lord Crown Prince to return?”

Tang Qi looked over Yan Ke, if he called for an imperial physician to come over, this may rouse the attention of the emperor.

Tang Qi muttered: “I’d better wait for Shu Li to return first.”

Yan Ke heard the two words ‘Shu Li’, and his eyes twitched. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the trouser legs of Tang Qi’s pants, his mouth raised out a word with difficulty: “Cold.”

Even though he couldn’t open his eyes or gather his energy, but Yan Ke’s heart believed that, Meng You would rescue him.

And the only thing he had to do, was live until Meng You comes back.

Tang Qi: “Go get him a clean blanket.”

Warden: “Yes.”

Meng You hurried back without eating or drinking for a day and managed to reach the capital before nightfall. He didn’t rush to enter the palace but instead, went back to his Crown Prince Manor first.

The steward’s injuries were very heavy, hence he could dispense with the formalities in greeting the Crown Prince. The steward said: “The city defence map was taken by the Crown Princess, the Crown Princess admitted to it personally.”

Meng You took out the city defence map from his robes: “He took it, then he placed it in the box of snacks, and passed it to this Lord.”

The steward was stunned: “The Crown Princess also said the same thing……”

Meng You didn’t ask anything else, placed the city defence map in a different location, and then headed for the palace.

When Tang Qi heard that he had returned to the capital, he went to the palace entrance to wait for him.

He felt that it was astonishing that he returned so quickly: “Did you fly here?”

Meng You continued walking as he replied: “After receiving a letter from home, this Lord came.”

Tang Qi nodded his head and followed after Meng You.

The emperor was right, Yan Ke could still be used.

He had to stop this volatile Lord Crown Prince and prevent him from beating the sick person in the prison to death.

Meng You: “Where is Yan Ke?”

Tang Qi felt his right eye twitch twice.

[T/N: There’s a superstition that if your left eye twitches, it means that something good is going to happen. While if your right eye twitches, it means that something bad is going to happen.]

Shit, I’m finished, this question was finally asked.

Tang Qi: “In prison.”

Meng You: “……Bring this lord there.”

Tang Qi: “Shu Li, don’t be too angry, how about, we go find the emperor first?”

Meng You roared: “This lord told you to bring me there!”

Tang Qi: “……Okay fine, but you need to calm down, the emperor has mentioned it, Yan Ke is still useful.”

Meng You’s face turned black: “……”

Tang Qi: “You don’t need to use your own hands to deal with him, he is currently already suffering in prison. Think about it, the prison environment is wet and gloomy, plus, he’s also currently sick……”

Meng You heard up to this point, and clutched Tang Qi’s clothes with one hand. He raised his temper: “Tang Qi, is your brain still here? You knew that his body wasn’t feeling well, yet you still didn’t get someone to look after him?!”

Tang Qi didn’t know how to respond: “Huh?”

Meng You: “In the future, don’t tell other people that this lord is your bro. This lord doesn’t have a bro like you who will do nothing when this lord’s Crown Princess is suffering!”

Meng You pushed Tang Qi aside and ran towards the prison.

He left behind a staggering confused Tang Qi who barely regained his balance to stand in the wind.

The warden saw Meng You who had suddenly appeared. Before he could respond, Meng You clutched the warden’s clothes in the same way he did with Tang Qi’s.

Meng You: “Where is this Lord’s Crown Princess?”

The warden’s hand quivered as he pointed to the cell in the nearest corner.

Meng You: “Open the door for this Lord!”

The warden hurriedly nodded his head.

After the door opened, Meng You looked at Yan Ke who had curled into a ball, strode over and pulled out the person shaking from the chill while nesting in the blanket.

Meng You reached out to pat Yan Ke’s face and softly said: “Yan Ke?”

Yan Ke frowned.

Meng You seeing Yan Ke not responding, called his name again.

Yan Ke heard his familiar voice, but his eyes didn’t have the strength to open. Knowing that danger was near, he simply gave up struggling, closed his eyes, and opened his mouth: “Meng You?”

[T/N: Author used 危险接触/Wei Xian Jie Chu which means dangerous contact but since it seemed weird, I substituted it with danger was near.]

Meng You carried Yan Ke, Yan Ke’s whole clothes was drenched thoroughly.

Yan Ke coughed once.

Yan Ke: “You finally came back, if you didn’t, you would have already become a widow for me.”

Originally Meng You was feeling frustrated when he saw that Yan Ke was still this sickly.

But upon hearing Yan Ke’s words, he didn’t keep his mouth shut and laughed.

[T/N: Author used 一下没崩住/Yi Xia Mei Beng Zhu which either means he didn’t collapse or he didn’t close his mouth. I went with the second meaning since it makes slightly more sense.]

Meng You: “Your face is really extraordinarily big.”

[T/N: He’s being figurative, it is related to the phrase giving face to someone. It can be sort of interpreted as Yan Ke needs a lot of respect/consideration to be given to him. In this context, it’s not an insult. It’s also not as arrogant or rude as it sounds in English.]


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