His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Isn’t this lord the one who will be tired?


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s. I may add some of my own words for clarity sake, but I will try not to change the meaning of the whole sentence. When the author uses 成语 / Cheng Yu, which is something like idiom-like phrases, I may just translate them in simple English if they are not very meaningful. Otherwise, I will add a translation note. An example would be ‘不三不四’, I would most likely translate it as ‘dubious’ depending on the context.

Early release since it’s a very short chapter~


When Meng You carried Yan Ke away, he was stopped by Tang Qi.

Tang Qi said: “Shu Li, I know that you are angry now, but if you kill him now, the emperor will probably be angry.”

Meng You: “……”

Meng You: “Why would this lord want to kill him?”

Tang Qi was at a loss for words.

Is there still a need to ask why? Lord Crown Prince, look at your explosive temper, even your own father also thinks that you want to kill him!

Tang Qi: “Didn’t the Crown Princess steal the city defence map?”

Meng You gave a cold stare: “He gave it to this lord.”

Tang Qi: “???”

Meng You: “Next time, speak only after you’ve investigated the whole situation. He had placed the city defence map inside a box of snacks and sent it to this lord.”

Tang Qi: “??? What’s the point of him doing this?”

Meng You looked at Yan Ke, then shook his head: “This lord also doesn’t know.”

Tang Qi: “He said it before, that he had given you the city defence map, and that the one given to Su Yu was a fake one.”

Meng You continued: “He could have drawn a fake or a real one. Since the city defence map is already out of our hands, Su Yu will probably attack our capital soon. When that happens, let’s see how the situation goes.”

Tang Qi was confused by Meng You.

Tang Qi: “Then what’s his situation now? Is he guilty or not? If he really gave the real map away, and you saved him, will the emperor be angry?”

Meng You: “Didn’t this lord say it already? When Su Yu attacks our capital, we will know if he was telling the truth or not. With his sick body, how long can he survive in the prison? If he was really wrongfully accused and also died, would you go and bury yourself with him?”

Meng You: “Also, this sickly person is so precious, can you be more conscientious? If it were you who went to jail, do you think that you would survive in this environment? He’s sick, so come and take care of him?”

[T/N: Author used 娇贵/Jiao Gui, which roughly means precious but it doesn’t really translate well. It’s not a romantic word as it is generally used to describe a person who was pampered/treasured by their noble parents, it’s not an insult or compliment though.]

Tang Qi: “………”

Meng You: “Isn’t this lord the one who will be tired? Tang Qi, are you returning my favour of saving you from Meng Han’s hands with enmity?!”

When Tang Qi’s sore point was brought up, he instantly changed his face and cleanly cut off the feelings of brotherhood between them: “Lord Crown Prince, your honourable self just said that we are no longer bros right? Sure, sure, from this moment on, our favours and grievances are cleared, we won’t owe each other anything and will walk different paths from now on.”

Meng You: “You can’t forget this lord’s great favour and kindness, even if we are no longer bros, you also have to remember it.”

“Also, this whole Yue Country is this lord’s, if you really want to walk a different path from me, you may need to go live in another country.”

[T/N: Meng You is the Crown Prince, future emperor of Yue Country so the whole country can be considered his.]


Author has something to say:

This is a short part……

Because this sand sculpture author didn’t hit the wordcount……so here’s a false double release 2333.

[T/N: 沙雕/Sha Diao/Sand Sculpture is slang for dumb. Seems like VIP JJWXC writers need to hit a certain weekly wordcount. Chapter 22 and 23 were both first released on the same date so it’s a double release. 2333 is like slang for laughter.]



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