His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Do you understand how much he loves you


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s. I may add some of my own words for clarity sake, but I will try not to change the meaning of the whole sentence. When the author uses 成语 / Cheng Yu, which is something like idiom-like phrases, I may just translate them in normal English if they are not very meaningful. Otherwise, I will add a translation note. An example would be ‘不三不四’, I would most likely translate it as ‘dubious’ depending on the context.

Recently I read about some drama about translations accuracy for a novel that I was following so I have lengthened my disclaimer.

I have replaced “Moon Kingdom” with “Yue Kingdom” in the previous chapters.

Also, warning for this chapter, Su Yu is complete trash.


Meng You finished talking and was just about to leave, but he remembered something that he didn’t mention and walked back.

“It was Tang Qi who taught this Lord what to do, if you want to hit someone, hit him. This lord will get someone to bring you to him, do bring more people to help you.”

“If you don’t want to bring anyone to help, it’s also okay. Pick up a brick, aim it against his head, use your strength to whack, he wouldn’t dare to hit back.”

Yan Ke: “……”

After waiting for Meng You to really walk away, Yan Ke closed the door. Silently sighing, he heard, Su Yu was still imprisoned by the Prince, that little kid should be ready to blow up soon.

Yan Ke looked at a young maid behind him: “Bring me to see Su Yu.”

Young maid nodded her head: “Crown Princess, this way please.”

This outright and quick response puzzled Yan Ke: “It’s okay for me to go there?”

The young maid laughed: “Yes, Crown Princess. The Lord has ordered, no matter where you want to go, just get this servant to bring you there.”

Yan Ke understood now: “Okay.”

Arriving at the prison entrance, Yan Ke then let the others wait outside and he went in alone.

After Yan Ke went in, the young maid sent someone to report to Meng You.

As Yan Ke was going down the stairs, he could hear Su Yu faintly bawling.

Su Yu: “Where is Yan Ke! I want to see Yan Ke!!”

Su Yu was locked inside, every time Meng You was unhappy, he would use an excuse of ‘If you can beat me, I would release you’ to beat him up.

The result every time was obvious.

Meng You didn’t dare to mistreat him too much, his daily meals were still provided even though they were so bland that even pigs would not eat them. In Su Yu’s eyes, this was Meng You’s act of provocation, an act of the tiny Yue Kingdom disrespecting Chu Kingdom!

Seeing Yan Ke coming, Su Yu gloomy face lightened up a little.

Su Yu gnashed his teeth: “You are finally willing to come? He looked down on me, looked down on Chu Kingdom, did this benefit you in any way?! Can you have some pride! Release me!”

Yan Ke looked at the imprisoned Su Yu and sighed. Such a pity, if it was the modern times, he could play a song called ‘Iron Window Tears’ to let him dance along to it.

[T/N: Original Text was 真可惜,这要是在现代,他能给苏御放一首铁窗泪,让他在里面摇起来。铁窗泪 literally means Iron Window Tears, it’s a song about regrets in prison. It seems to be a song that expresses the regret from committing a crime. 摇can mean shake or flip/turn (like turn over a new leaf/change), I roughly took the meaning as shake and translated it to dance along.]

Yan Ke: “Don’t blame me, Meng You’s body is so strong and robust, every day he would capture me and toss me around on the bed, even if I wanted to come to find you, I couldn’t!”

Su Yu heard him and had a complete mental breakdown.

Pulling at Yan Ke’s sleeves, he dragged Yan Ke towards himself with scarlet eyes: “Yan Ke, you fucking need a sense of shame!”

Yan Ke smiled: “The shameless one is you, wasn’t it you guys making a fuss, forcing Lao Zi to come here to get married? Now you are complaining? That’s enough, get lost!”

[T/N: 现在叽歪个毛线?might potentially contain a swear word or may just be complaining. I assume that the author meant complaining but this is not very accurate.]

Yan Ke took the keys from a guard and opened the door to the cell.

Noble Concubine Su was able to whisper words into the emperor’s ears and convince him to send him, the Crown Prince over for an alliance marriage. From this, he could tell that she was a tricky person. Also, as Su Yu was the Su Family’s only son, if he met with any mishap here, she would probably be able to coax the emperor into attacking the Yue Kingdom.

So no matter how much Yan Ke wanted to help the original owner take revenge over his ridiculous death, he still had to let Su Yu escape.

Maybe people in the past were already accustomed to families being broken and their members dying or becoming destitute and homeless from war, but he couldn’t get used to it.

[T/N: Author used 家破人亡 流离失所, which are 2 four-character idioms. 家破人亡 means families being broken and their members dead. 流离失所 means become destitute and forced into becoming homeless.]

After releasing Su Yu, Yan Ke took some pre-emptive measures while Su Yu was not looking. He took a guard’s sword and placed it against Su Yu’s neck.

Su Yu’s neck was chilly, if he took one more step forward, he would be able to clearly feel Yan Ke’s sword against his neck pierce skin.

Su Yu darkly laughed: “You——want to kill me?”

Yan Ke’s eyes were cold: “Listen, you better remember every word that I’m about to say! After you return, watch your mouth. If I find out that you and that good sister of yours said anything to the emperor to influence him into attacking the Yue Kingdom, the truth of Chu Kingdom’s empress’s death, I will spread, out, to, the, world.”

Yan Ke’s last few words was spoken coldly as he clenched his teeth, while his eyes held no hint of warmth at all. The frail and sickly him who had rested for a long time but had yet to recover was unable to stand the prison’s environment.

[T/N: The second sentence seems a bit random but it’s as per the author’s text. 晏柯最后几个字几乎是咬牙冰冷的说出来的,目光不带一丝温度,孱弱多病尚未恢复的身子,让他有些受不了大牢的潮湿。]

Su Yu blinked and was unable to respond for a while.

Hearing Yan Ke’s words, ice seemed to spread from the soles of his feet to his entire body and he felt a chill go down his spine.

Su Yu: “What do you know?!”

Yan Ke coldly laughed: “What a coincidence, I know everything.”

Su Yu: “Then you——”

Why didn’t you say anything in the past?

Yan Ke: “So, do you understand how much he loves you?”

Yan Ke doesn’t feel that this love is very noble, hiding the truth behind his own mother’s death, acting dumb in front of this murderer and continuing to love him.

Su Yu hadn’t recovered from the shock that Yan Ke’s words struck in him so he didn’t clearly hear the pronoun mistake in Yan Ke’s words.

Lifelessly looking at Yan Ke, he always thought……this person, was so stupid, he knew nothing at all. In the past when they went to school together, it was also him who had to do two sets of homework alone to submit it for the both of them.

From a long time ago, he already knew that Yan Ke liked him.

At that time, Yan Ke, this Crown Prince was very favoured, and the empress was not dead yet, his sister then told him to develop a good relationship with him, some day, he would be able to make use of their relationship.

And that day really came.

He first got Yan Ke to lead away the empress’s servants, then he personally pushed the empress with his own hands into the Imperial Garden’s pond.

After this matter, Yan Ke cried heart wrenchingly and knelt for half a month without getting up in the Jiao Fang, this led to him gaining fame as a filial son.

[T/N: Jiao Fang is the name of a hall in a palace where an Empress lives.]

But actually……this was just the remorse he felt to his mom for hiding the truth?

Yan Ke looked at Su Yu’s face filled with distress, even though he should be feeling satisfied from taking revenge, but suddenly his face became wet.

Yan Ke even thought that the roof was leaking, he lifted his head and looked up. But in the end, he used his hands to touch his face and froze.



“Zi Gui!” Su Yu looked at the crying Yan Ke and embraced him.

[T/N: Seems like Zi Gui is Yan Ke’s other name.]

The imperial guards from the Crown Prince residence standing at the side wanted to separate the two people who were acting scandalously but they turned and saw Meng You standing at the stairs.

Every guard felt alarm in their heart.

It’s over, it’s over, the Lord Crown Prince is going to wash this prison with blood.

Yan Ke felt disgust and wanted to push away Su Yu, but his limbs would not cooperate with him.

Yan Ke eyes abruptly widened and felt dread.

He’s still around! It must be him! It must be Yan Ke!

“Save——” Yan Ke felt like he was suffering, this feeling was just like sleep paralysis, his brain was awake but he couldn’t control his body, his body was even leaning in and enjoying Su Yu’s embrace.

Yan Ke! You need to fucking wake up!

[T/N: Author used 清醒 which can mean wake up (from your muddled mind) or think clearly.]

As Su Yu hugged Yan Ke, Meng You was standing behind Yan Ke, so Su Yu could clearly see him. As Su Yu’s and Meng You’s eyes connected, Su Yu used his hand to lift Yan Ke’s hair and place it on his lips, lightly kissing it.

Like this, he provoked Meng You.

Meng You looked at Yan Ke, this man has reached a new level of stupidity.

Yan Ke was suffering greatly at this moment, since his hands and legs could not be controlled, he used his mouth to bite Su Yu’s ear.

The him who was angered into a muddled state by the original owner Yan Ke, took a bite again, the bite was neither heavy nor light, it was as if he wanted to pull out Su Yu’s ear.

“Ah!” Su Yu’s painful shout echoed through the cell.

Yan Ke spat out the blood in his mouth and went ‘Bah!’. “Do you know what this is called? First, lure the enemy, then while the enemy is feeling moved, take him by surprise and bite him.”

Su Yu covered his ears: “……”

Meng You was shocked and was not sure of what to think. At the same time, he got frightened and also covered his ears: “…………”

Yan Ke limbs still couldn’t move but he could still engage in a battle of words with Su Yu: “Listen well to Lao Zi, I am not someone who can part without hard feelings. If you think that after you have done wrong to me, I would just laugh and get over it, that would not happen.”

“From this moment on, may you never live better than me, eat a fuller meal than me, wear warmer clothes than me. May everyone you have ever harmed, return in your dreams at midnight as a nightmare.”

Su Yu’s ear was bitten by Yan Ke, his wound was not light. Looking into Yan Ke’s eyes, he suddenly realised, that little bum beetle who used to follow behind him may not like him anymore.

[T/N: 跟屁虫literally means bum beetle. It’s a term to describe people who follow closely behind other people. It can be a good or bad thing. For example, if used to describe younger siblings, it’s usually light teasing but if used to describe a stalker, it’s usually an insult.]

Su Yu doesn’t know what he’s doing, he had clearly already decided to harden his heart and send Yan Ke here, even capturing him back after his escape attempts; he was also supposed to be helping Yan Ke gain Meng You’s trust.

He shouldn’t be stirring up trouble with Meng You.

Yan Ke looked at Su Yu, his own tears were flowing freely, yet his mouth was wearing a mocking smile, he felt as if he had become a schizophrenic person.

Suddenly, his body uncontrollably faced the side, Yan Ke stared helplessly as his own hands picked up the sword that he had thrown to the side.

“No!” Based on this position, it must be that the original owner wants to commit suicide!

Compared to the original owner who doesn’t care about his life, Yan Ke really treasures it; if he is able to live to eighty years old, only letting him live for seventy-nine years and three hundred and sixty-four days is unacceptable!

Hence, under the situation where Yan Ke was unable to control his limbs, he rammed his head against the prison door and fainted.

Meng You: “………?”

Su Yu was about to take a look at Yan Ke but was stopped by Meng You who had stepped forward in huge strides. Meng You sighed and carried the unconscious Yan Ke.

Leaving a few cold words, he left the prison: “Throw him out for this Lord!”

As Meng You walked, he looked at Yan Ke’s old and new scars and clicked his tongue unsatisfactorily: “Even though, this lord allowed you to find another lover, but didn’t this lord also warn you to be low profile as well? Doing things like this, making it seem as if I’m the third party, do you think that this Lord doesn’t want his face?”

Experiencing Yan Ke’s frequent dramatic actions, Meng You finally understood what kind of ancestor he married.

[T/N: Author wrote见识过晏柯动不动就寻思的把戏后, 寻思may possibly be a typo for seeking death, so it may mean Yan Ke keeps trying to commit suicide as a scheme or it may just mean that Yan Ke frequently likes to act out. I used ‘dramatic actions’ to generically express either meaning.

Ancestor is a word that is difficult to explain but I will give a rough interpretation, I may be wrong though. In Chinese culture, respecting your elders is very important. So an ancestor has to be respected and hence you should give in/do many things for them. Calling someone an ancestor is a slang that means something like somehow you need to do/or are doing a lot of things for that person.]

Meng You who had been watching from the start to the end, understood the abusive relationship that the two of them shared. Yan Ke liked Su Yu, but Su Yu held no regard for Yan Ke, and he even had Chu Kingdom’s empress killed, Yan Ke knew the truth, but for the sake of Su Yu, he didn’t expose him??

[T/N: Author used 虐恋情深, which can mean abusive/SM affection/relationship. It can also mean abusive love (story/drama).

Author used 瞧不上 which has an ambiguous meaning of looking down on / despising / doesn’t like someone. So I used ‘no regard for’ to keep its ambiguity.]

Tch, such a messy situation.

Meng You called for someone to send for an Imperial Physician.

After the Imperial Physician diagnosed that it wasn’t a serious injury, he left.

He also ordered the people serving Yan Ke to keep their mouths sealed, after all, this was a dirty scandal regarding Chu Kingdom’s royal family, he didn’t want to hear about or spread this news.

Yan Ke woke up at night, after lying in bed dazedly for a while, he sat up and grabbed a piece of paper and pen and placed them before him.

Yan Ke pinched the bridge of his nose: “I know that you are still around, additionally, you seem to be able to come out occasionally, right? Now, let us have a conversation, I’ll ask questions and you’ll answer, okay?”

Yan Ke’s head acted on its own accord and nodded.

Yan Ke covered his face, damn it, this is so completely ridiculous!


Author has something to say:

Stupid brainless fool! Mistaken conclusion! No logic! Stupid dumbass!

[T/N: 纯架空!was translated as brainless fool as it roughly means dumb empty frame. I have no idea what is误考究! so I just paraphrased ‘wrong investigation’ to ‘mistaken conclusion’.]

Love you all~


T/N: Oh man, previously Yan Ke described Su Yu and Original Yan Ke perfectly, scum x cheap pair! They make me so angry!


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