His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce! Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – On my end, I would advise husband to—


Disclaimer: This is edited MTL. Do forgive any grammar mistakes as they are my own and not the author’s. I may add some of my own words for clarity sake, but I will try not to change the meaning of the whole sentence. When the author uses 成语 / Cheng Yu, which is something like idiom-like phrases, I may just translate them in simple English if they are not very meaningful. Otherwise, I will add a translation note. An example would be ‘不三不四’, I would most likely translate it as ‘dubious’ depending on the context.

HAHAHA so this chapter is like 1/3 Plot and 2/3 Funny.

Warning for long translator notes in this chapter.


Yan Ke: “The first question is, at first——why did you want to commit suicide? Write it out.”

: I didn’t want you to harm Su Yu GeGe

[T/N: GeGe means brother but it doesn’t have to be a biological brother, it can also be an affectionate way to call someone older than you.]

Yan Ke’s eyes twitched, he was so angry that his lungs hurt: “Think about how he treated you! If he really liked you, he wouldn’t have killed your mother!”

[T/N: Lungs hurting sounds weird, but I guess it’s like when you’re angry, you will breathe harder hence causing your lungs to hurt?]

: I know.

Yan Ke shut his mouth, one was willing to hit, one was willing to accept the hits, what else could he say! Even if the other person used a knife to stab him, he was willing to grit his teeth and accept the stab, what else could anyone say in this situation!

Yan Ke: “He sent you over in this alliance marriage. I had made multiple escape attempts throughout the journey but I was always captured back by him!”

: He said, as long as I am intact, he will want me.

[T/N: See Chapter 2 for reference for this line.]

Yan Ke: “So——this is the reason why you don’t come out to stop me whenever I go to Meng You to ask for divorce?”

Yan Ke didn’t wait for the original owner to finish writing as the answer was obvious, there was no need to wait: “Can you not be so foolish? Yue Kingdom’s territory is easy to attack but hard to defend, Su Yu had noticed this characteristic of their territory which is why he sent you here! Su Yu just wants Yue Kingdom’s territory.”

“Since he can think about taking advantage of this point, the generations of Yue Kingdom emperors would also have been aware that others would be thinking about this too. Who knows how advanced the defensive measures in the Yue Kingdom have become already! He only wants you since you might be able to get their defence map, if you went back to him empty-handed, would he even want you?”

[T/N: Defence map are useful for knowing the terrain of the place you are attacking. It may or may not contain the list of traps that are there.

This translation note is a lengthy personal interpretation of a defence map but not important to the story so you may skip this note if you want since it may not be very accurate or important for you to know.

So a possible usage of having the enemy’s defence map, is that you can choose a more strategic point where you want to attack from. See my drawing for an example. Imagine that you chose the red point to attack, you will have an extra wall to destroy and the archers can freely shoot you but if you chose the green point to enter, you can directly attack the palace and kill the emperor. There are probably more usages for the defence map, but I suppose the story might reveal them in the later chapters.

This image is not part of the book, it’s just an ugly map I made for reference, real defence map probably won’t be as simple as this and they wouldn’t design only a single point of defence.]

Yan Ke knows that the words he said would stab him in the heart, but this was the cold hard truth! The original owner is already an adult, he needs to be responsible for his own actions, he needs to be fully aware of what he’s doing.

Yan Ke continued: “Even if you managed to steal the defence map for Su Yu, when Su Yu uses the defence map against the Yue Kingdom, what do you think will happen to the Yue Kingdom’s civilians? Are their lives not important?”

: There will always be casualties in war, they do not belong to the Chu Kingdom, there is no need to worry.

Yan Ke looked at the apathetic words written, even though their souls were separated, he could still feel his indifference.

‘There will always be casualties in war’, he agrees with that point but ‘they do not belong to Chu Kingdom, there is no need to worry’, this was so callous and selfish.

Yan Ke: “So, for the sake of your flower within the mirror feelings, you can forget how your mother died, you can sacrifice the lives of so many people just to chase Su Yu?”

[T/N: Author used 镜中花, literally flower within the mirror, the full phrase is 镜花水月, literally mirror flower, water moon, which means that although it is beautiful, it is unattainable. You can see the flower in the mirror but you wouldn’t be able to touch the flower through the mirror and the same for the moon reflected in water. This phrase is difficult to translate without losing its deep meaning.]

: I can.

Yan Ke felt that his worldview was falling apart.

This is really shocking!

: I don’t know who you are and why you are in my body. I don’t mind it, but I hope that you wouldn’t consummate the marriage with Meng You and would stop talking about things that will make Su Yu GeGe angry, he is very difficult to appease.

Yan Ke was so agitated that he threw the letter into the candle lamp, looking at the flames grow, Yan Ke narrowed his eyes: “I will never let you do this.”

Ever since that day when he spoke to the other soul in his body, the original owner never appeared again to hinder him.

Maybe he knew that he himself also didn’t want to offer his ass up to Meng You and hence he wasn’t worried.

Yan Ke coldly snorted, you can fucking not worry about anything but Lao Zi can’t!

Lao Zi doesn’t want to become a sinner who destroyed Yue Kingdom, leaving behind a black name in history as a crafty scoundrel for future generations to talk about.

“Where is the Crown Prince?”

So, Yan Ke started to put his focus on the Lord Crowd Prince again!

Please let us divorce! Bro!

If we still don’t divorce, both of us will be in trouble!

“Crown Princess, the Lord is not within the manor.”

The young maid gave Yan Ke an ambiguous look, it was unknown when this started but a rumour had been circulating from their manor. At the start, the rumour went like this, there was a person who said that Xiao Wu and the Crown Prince couldn’t ‘stand’; the Crown Prince for the sake of the Crown Princess not despising him, he allowed him to find a lover outside. Then the rumour escalated from another person to, the Crown Prince Manor had too many chores to do, due to the exhaustion, there was no man in the Crown Prince Manor who could ‘stand’.

[T/N: Can’t ‘stand’ meaning impotent. This whole paragraph is about chapter 6.]

After hearing these rumours, the young maid who had originally planned to wait until she was of a marriageable age to find someone from the manor, became disheartened from the words ‘can’t stand’.

Yan Ke nodded his head: “Then when he returns, tell him to make a trip to my room.”

“Yes, Crown Princess.”


On Meng You’s side, he had asked a few good friends to meet him at a tavern to drown their sorrows in alcohol. Knowing that he wasn’t in a good mood, the people accompanying him were self-aware enough to just drink with him and not say anything to make him feel worse.

Meng You drank a whole jar of wine, his heart felt miserable: “Not all of you may have heard about what this lord has experienced.”

Tang Qi vaguely knew what he was talking about, but he didn’t dare to rashly speak.

Because of Meng You’s callousness, he was already reduced to becoming the capital’s laughingstock. This was for no other reasons than that there were still people spreading the reminders of Tang Qi’s debt to Meng You and that there were still people guarding the papers which detailed the unbearable memory of Tang Qi’s debt and hence preventing people from tearing the papers off.

Meng You: “You should all know that this Lord is a married man now, right? That person at home keeps compelling me everyday to consummate the marriage! Everywhere I go, he would follow! Afterwards, this Lord had an idea, this Lord thought about it, if he told him that he couldn’t ‘stand’, wouldn’t that make him give up on this thought?”

“However, that sickly person still didn’t give up on that thought. Also, he was fucking bad enough to spread out to the people outside that this Lord can’t ‘stand’, now everyone in the capital knows about this!”

“This morning as this Lord was returning from court, this Lord was dragged inside a herbal medicine shop by a young boy from the shop, after that the shop owner kept harping on a point to this Lord……”

[T/N: So the emperor would hold regular meetings in a court and princes, literary officials and military officials would attend it and discuss about affairs that would affect the country such as rebellions, wars with other countries, floods etc.]

Meng You pulled the skin of his throat, and imitated in a sharp voice: “Lord Crown Prince, do you want to cure your illness? This shop sells effective medicine that cures impotency!”

Everyone suppressed their laughter, they wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to.

Meng You exerted strength to hit his own chest: “This Lord feels that because Yan Ke couldn’t obtain me, so he wants to ruin me!”

Tang Qi looked at Meng You who was already spouting nonsense, and called a few others to send him home together.

“Eh? Isn’t Shu Li’s room that side?”

[T/N: Shu Li is Meng You’s other name.]

Tang Qi shook his head: “He’s drunk now, if we threw him into his room alone and some scheming young maid managed to climb into his bed, what to do then?”

[T/N: Sleeping with a prince is a way for maids to raise their status.]

“So——We should throw him into the Crown Princess’s room.”

“I feel that, you will be done for.”

Tang Qi was the type of person who would take revenge if someone had wronged him. For those who he couldn’t take revenge against currently, he would suppress his feelings in his heart and wait for a better time to retaliate.

A young maid knocked on Yan Ke’s room: “Crown Princess, the Crown Prince has returned.”

Yan Ke was sleeping peacefully but when he heard that, he hurriedly got up.

Yan Ke: “I’ll be there shortly.”

Young Maid: “Crown Princess, the Crown Prince is drunk.”

Yan Ke’s foot which had just touched the ground froze.


Drunk and sending him to his room?! If the Lord Crown Prince messed around with him under the influence of alcohol, who can deal with the consequences?!

Yan Ke: “Ke Ke——I——Ke Ke Ke, I am sick, I’m afraid that it is inconvenient for me to take care of your Lord Crown Prince. Ke Ke Ke——Ah, I’m coughing so badly.”

[T/N: Ke is the sound of coughing, it is different from Yan Ke’s ‘Ke’]

The people outside: “………”

The previous sentence of ‘I’ll be there shortly.’ was answered in a loud and animated manner.

Tang Qi knocked on the door: “Crown Princess, the Lord Crown Prince’s body is considered quite sturdy, just let him enter. If you’re really sick, he can still get up in the middle of the night and take care of you.”

Yan Ke: “We should be more careful, if the Lord Crown Prince was infected by me, then I will be incomparably guilty.”

Tang Qi: “Since you’re a couple already, I believe that the Lord Crown Prince wouldn’t blame you, the night is short, the Crown Princess shouldn’t waste this good chance!”

[T/N: Author used良宵苦短, I couldn’t find the meaning of it so I just guessed it as short night.]

Yan Ke: “………”

Why were the words that this person was saying sound so coquettish?

Tang Qi heard no further sound from the room, but since he was determined that he must send Meng You into the room today, he continued to knock on the door.

But soon, a loud snoring sound comparable to the sound of thunder drifted out of the room.

Tang Qi: “………”

It was around this time when Tang Qi had a premonition that, these two people who are birds of a feather will definitely end up together.

Because them getting together can be considered as saving the people from two evils.

Finally, Tang Qi gave up on his plan and sent Meng You back to his own room. After putting him down, he swept his hands and spoke to the people beside him: “Do you feel that the Crown Princess is really always thinking about consummating the marriage with him?”

Those people looked at Meng You sleeping soundly, and then silently shook their heads.

Tang Qi rubbed his chin: “I also feel that way, if he really wanted to consummate the marriage, our Lord is currently so drunk that he can’t stay awake, if the Crown Princess had any intention of doing something, he wouldn’t have stopped us at the door.”

 “Maybe……This is a couple’s spicy play?”

[T/N: 夫夫间的情趣 which is like special play/interest (with sexual implications) between couples.]

Tang Qi listened and scoffed: “What spicy play nonsense, you should know that for our Lord, misunderstanding others is the greatest source of joy in his entire life.”

[T/N: I may not be translating this right, so I will leave the original words here. ‘咱们这位爷,生平最大的乐趣就是误解别人’]

Thinking of the past, when he had just been rescued by the Lord Crown Prince, at that time, the life debt he owed to the Lord Crown Prince had yet to be used. He would follow behind the Lord Crown Prince every day, feeling very prestigious.

[T/N: As his rank is lower than the Crown Prince, being able to follow him is an honour.]

After endless years of knowing each other, whenever the Lord Crown Prince had a need for him, the words he spoke most to him was: “You didn’t forget this Lord’s previous great favour and kindness, right?”

[T/N: 大恩大德 meaning great favour and kindness, so previously in Chapter 4, he used this phrase to Yan Ke, seems like this is going to be a phrase associated with Meng You.]

Only this Lord Crown Prince would feel that even after so many years, helping him to escape from the manure pit was a ‘great favour and kindness’.

[T/N: This manure pit has been mentioned twice already, once in Chapter 3 and here. So to clarify since it sounds like it will be an important point in Tang Qi’s backstory, this manure pit is not specified on whether it is literally a shit hole or Meng You getting him out of a difficult situation. But the manure pit was specified to be related to Meng You’s brother, Meng Han in Chapter 3.]


Meng You woke up from the bed with a hangover, looking at the familiar room, he sighed inexplicably in relief. Thankfully Tang Qi still had some principles and wasn’t perverse and unscrupulous enough to the extent of sending him to Yan Ke’s room.

Meng You asked a maid at his side, currently waiting on him: “How is the Crown Princess?”

Maid: “Last night, the Crown Princess seemed to have started coughing again.”

Hearing the news that Yan Ke was sick again, Meng You massaged his throbbing temples, feeling an indescribable agitation.

How weak was his body that he could become sick every other day?

Meng You: “Summon the Imperial Physician, this Lord will go visit him in a while.”

The maid nodded her head and promptly set off to follow his instructions.

When the maid brought an Imperial Physician to Yan Ke’s doorstep, Yan Ke looked at his wrist that had bruises everywhere from being pricked with silver needles, and then put on a smiling face: “I have recovered! Really recovered.”

[T/N: Chinese Physicians / Doctors may use acupuncture to cure their patients. Acupuncture involves putting needles into your body.]

Image result for acupuncture hand needles"

The maid returned the smile and replied amiably without being rude: “You can’t be like this ~ Crown Princess, the Imperial Physician was personally summoned by the Crown Prince!”

Yan Ke: “……”

Why did this Crown Prince suddenly summon an Imperial Physician?

“Crown Princess, why don’t you go lie down on the bed first?” The maid looked at Yan Ke who was blocking the entrance and felt a little pressured, but still smiled beamingly as she advised him.

Yan Ke still maintained his stand like an unmoving mountain: “I am fine, I feel really energetic!”

Yan Ke rolled his eyes thinking of the first night when he met Meng You, Meng You had thought that Yan Ke wanted to consummate the marriage and hence ran away and suddenly Yan Ke had an idea.

Yan Ke: “You can go tell Husband, speak to him like this, my body has really recovered, if Husband is so impatient, on my side, I advise Husband to just directly attack~”

[T/N: Author used 夫君/FuJun, which is a title meaning husband. So in the sentence above, husband is read as a title and not a subject/noun.

Author used 我这边呢,建议夫君直接上哦~I roughly translated it to ‘on my side, I advise Husband to just directly attack~’.

The way the author phrased the ‘我这边呢 / on my side’ part had an ambiguous meaning of ‘in my opinion’ and ‘on/in my place (Yan Ke’s room)’ so you can read it as either meaning.

The author used 直接上, which literally means ‘directly get on/over’. I used ‘attack’ to express the euphemistic feeling but just in case it’s not clear enough, Yan Ke meant to indirectly say ‘you can directly get on top (of me)’.]

The maid was so embarrassed by Yan Ke’s thinly veiled words that her whole face turned red: “O……Okay.”

The maid had only walked a few steps away before she saw Meng You with a dark face standing outside, the maid’s face which had turned red from Yan Ke’s words, turned white from Meng You’s scariness.

Maid: “My Lord……The Crown Princess said——”

Meng You flew into a rage: “Let the Imperial Physician return! Whoever dares to go see him, this Lord will make them lose their hands!!”


Author has something to say:

Ying~ Today, this is considered as double right? Hehehe~~~

[T/N: Ying is a sound that is expressing cuteness. The double probably means double release since chapter 7 and 8 was released on JJWXC on the same day.]


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